New Releases

  1. Lift

    Cover - Lift
    December 2018

    Lift is an album full of indie rock with an anthemic character. Bright guitars and punchy parts create a dreamy, sublime blend for the vastness of nature and emotional moments. Panorama, drone flights, majestic mountainscapes.

  2. Melody Girl

    Cover - Melody Girl
    December 2018

    Melody Girl is solo piano in pure form. Emotional piano pieces for drama, nature, impressions and sentimental moments.

  3. Stomp Clap Swagger Rock

    Cover - Stomp Clap Swagger Rock
    December 2018

    Stomp Clap Swagger Rock delivers what it promises: rocking guitar sounds paired with massive drums. Straightforward stadium rock with vocals to sing along with. Advertising, action, motorsports, reports.

  4. Quirky Urban Dramedy

    Cover - Quirky Urban Dramedy
    November 2018

    Dramedy stands for the mix of drama and comedy. Playful melodies meet drama, detectives and hip hop rhythms.

  5. Crazy Urban Comedy

    Cover - Crazy Urban Comedy
    November 2018

    Funny retro comedy tunes and themes backed with pizzicato strings and modern beats. Cartoons, Animals, Comedy.

  6. Score

    Cover - Score
    November 2018

    Score reconciles indie rock and film music. From dreamy to dark and mysterious, Score offers a wide range of characteristics.

  7. Classical Pop

    Cover - Classical Pop
    November 2018

    A classic pop album in a modern style. Poppy synth and strings melodies paired with current beats. These tracks give your pictures the necessary amount of lightness.

  8. Afro Beats

    Cover - Afro Beats
    November 2018

    A collection of modern electronic afro beats ranging from chilled to upbeat dancehall. All tracks emcompassing classic skippy drums and RnB vocal samples. Perfect for urban, leisure and documentary.

  9. Indietronica Vol. 3

    Cover - Indietronica Vol. 3
    October 2018

    Indietronica Vol. 3 is a mix of indie and electro paired with a good dose of retro pop. Flat synths and poppy vocals, sometimes worn, sometimes driven. Advertising, Urban, Technology, Impressions.

  10. Swingamajig

    Cover - Swingamajig
    October 2018

    If you are looking for lively beats with retro charm, this is the place for you. Swingamajig is a fun, upbeat fusion of electro swing and modern beats. Comedy, retro, kids, fun.

  11. Plucky

    Cover - Plucky
    October 2018

    A collection of positive underscores featuring playful pizzicato strings, bright glockenspiel and twinkly piano melodies. Animals, kids, cartoons, nature, advertisement.

  12. Santa Close

    Cover - Santa Close
    October 2018

    Santa Close breathes new life into the Advent season. Christmas songs in an unconventional way: from electro to trap, sometimes rocking, sometimes playful. Electro, trap, quirky and rock.

  13. Quirk Meister Vol. 3

    Cover - Quirk Meister Vol. 3
    October 2018

    Quirk Master goes to the next round. Even more positive, quirky tracks that radiate pure joie de vivre. Ideal for advertisement, fun, leisure, animals and kids.

  14. Orchestral Drama

    Cover - Orchestral Drama
    September 2018

    The new Happy Records production Orchestral Drama offers great orchestral sounds. And the title lives up to its promise. For with this new production Happy Records again provides 100% authenticity! Genuine instruments emphasize the unique character of this album and produce organically warm soundscapes. Cinematic, dramatic, orchestral. Great music for thrilling stories and wide pictures. Soundtrack, drama, history, nature, panorama.

  15. Extreme Sports

    Cover - Extreme Sports
    September 2018

    Extreme Sports stands for a lot of action and adrenaline. Rock in all facets for motor and extreme sports. Heavy guitars and distinctive riffs generate the necessary power for action-packed pictures. Sports, Advertising, Action.

  16. Narrative Pop

    Cover - Narrative Pop
    September 2018

    Narrative Pop delivers acoustic pieces from folk ballads to Nordic pop. Sometimes motivating, sometimes thoughtful, calm or dreamy. Music for a road trip through the vastness of Scandinavia. Perfect for nature, impressions, travel, emotions.

  17. Tonal Synchronicity Vol. 2

    Cover - Tonal Synchronicity Vol. 2
    August 2018

    Tonal Synchronicity Vol. 2 brings us even more synth pop full of positive energy. The tracks are best suited for advertising, branding, image films and technology. But it also covers fashion and lifestyle topics.

  18. Dark Blue Movements

    Cover - Dark Blue Movements
    August 2018

    Dark Blue Movements takes us into a lonely and dark scenery. Emotional scores with piano and synthesizers, spherical and stately. From gloomy to full of suspense. Music like from a Scandinavian thriller.

  19. Tangents

    Cover - Tangents
    August 2018

    Tangents offers a mix of ambient and minimal. Well-made electronica, from slow to mid-tempo, spherical to danceable. IDM for science, technology, city, landscape and documentary.

  20. Christmas

    Cover - Christmas
    August 2018

    A festive collection of Christmas carols and hymns. Orchestrated with choir and organ. All you need during the Advent season and the Christmas holidays.


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  • Im Blickpunkt: Martin Grassl

    Martin Grassl war nach seinem Studium an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater München unter anderem als Arrangeur und Komponist im Bereich Popmusik tätig, etwa für Fancy, Al Bano & Romina Power und G. G. Anderson.

    Im Mittelpunkt seiner Arbeit steht die Filmmusik. Seit 1986 schrieb er Filmscores für diverse TV-Dokumentationen und Fernsehserien, darunter hunderte Folgen „SOKO Kitzbühel“, „Marienhof“ und mehrere „Tatorte“. Die Komposition für Film und Fernsehen verbindet uns seit vielen Jahren mit Martin Grassl. Die neueste Produktion "Pure Nature" hören Sie hier.

    Daneben steht Grassls Arbeit als Pädagoge. Er lehrte an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater München und leitet seit vielen Jahren die musikalische Arbeit an einem Münchener Gymnasium. In diese Richtung zielen auch seine Kompositionen "Pictures in Motion" und "A Day in the Mountains". Sie sollen junge Musiker in die Welt der Filmmusik einführen und zum aktiven Musizieren animieren, in variabler Besetzung und bei machbarem Schwierigkeitsgrad.

    Die beiden Notenausgaben und weitere Werke von Martin Grassl finden Sie hier. Noch mehr Informationen finden Sie auf seiner Website.