Comedy, Kids, Animals
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Comedy, Kids, Animals

What these three terms have in common? They spread a good mood! Playful titles with small instrumentation give your pictures that certain something: quirky, awake, funny.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2019-01-01
Track count: 20
Total playing time: 41:51

  • EM5302: Cric Crac CrocNo Lead2:40
    Funny childish song with french male vocals.
  • HR2309: Little Comic WalkClarinet, Bassoon, Strings2:02
    Advertising, Animation, Ballet, Branding, Cartoon, Cheerful, Circus, Clarinet, Comic, Fairy tale, Film Score, Humour, Orchestra, Show, Slapstick, Soundtrack, Spirited, Zoo
  • HR2312: Funny CoupleFull Version2:48
    Advertising, Animals, Ballet, Branding, Chamber music, Chamber orchestra, Cheerful, Children, Cozy, Culture, Documentation, Emotional, Fairy tale, Humour, Nostalgic, Nostaliga, Park, Reportage, Rural, Stroll
  • BLINQ 046: CuriosityMain2:17
    Kids, Fun, Happy, Playful
  • JW2266: Icing SugarFull2:26
    Warm glockenspiel melodies with a combination of playful pizzicato strings and romantic sweeping strings.
  • EM5278: Happy FellowMain2:11
    Jazzy 50's retro track. Positive mood. Repetitive piano and brass theme. Underscore @ 0:41.
  • JW2242: Beach BallFull2:32
  • HR2312: Mobile HumorFull Version1:56
    Advertising, Animals, Animated, Branding, Cheerful, Cheerful, Children, Circus, Clarinet, Coach ride, Fairground, happy, Humour, Rural, Saxophone, Show, Spirited, Trip, Zoo
  • BLINQ 011: Optimistic EntranceMain1:43
    Pop, Folk, Indie, Quirky
  • JW2242: Funny FarmNo FX2:39
  • BLOM01: Small SkankFull Version0:51
    Medium Slow. Fun farmyard tune with catchy ukulele, harmonica and bouncy springs.
  • EM5278: Naughty CatMain1:33
    Light orchestral track. Intimist and positive mood as if the music was moving stealthily. Evoking a small cat trying to be discreet.
  • HR2331: Mister Marplewithout Trumpet2:29
    Animals, Animation, Cartoon, Chase, Cheerful, Children, Comedy, Comic, Documentation, Fairy tale, Film, Score, happy, Humour, Mysterious, Mysterious, Orchestra, Reportage, Slapstick, Soundtrack, Suspense, Thriller
  • JW2266: The Early BirdFull2:08
    An exciting orchestral track with determined yet jolly pizzicato strings.
  • BLINQ 024: New Orleans JeansAlternate1:35
    Basic mix, no solo: Pop, Folk, Indie, Quirky
  • HR2321: Roguish TrickFull Version2:09
    Advertising, Animals, Animation, Branding, Cartoon, cheerful, Children, Circus, Clarinet, Comic, cozy, Documentation, Fairground, Fairytale, Free time, happy, Hobby, Mandolin, March, nostalgic, Nostalgia, Reportage, Rural, Slapstick, Zoo
  • HR2321: Lazy BoneUnderscore2:22
    Advertising, Animals, Animation, Blues, Branding, Cartoon, cheerful, Children, Circus, City, Comic, Documentation, Free time, grotesque, Hobby, Humour, nostalgic, Nostalgia, Reportage, Rock, Slapstick, Zoo
  • BLINQ 011: Dedaledap DoAlternate1:13
    No vocals scatting
  • JW2253: Light And BrightFull2:02
  • BLINQ 068: Peeling OnionsMain2:15
    Quirky, Fun, Happy, Optimistic, Advertisement




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