Grief & Loss
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Grief & Loss

Calm and emotional tracks about loss and grief. Music for reflective moments, inner emptiness and heavy thoughts. Mostly without piano.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2024-02-12
Track count: 19
Total playing time: 41:28

  • TM047: Gentle BeginningsMain2:16
    Gentle and inspiring with soft melody and slowly building soundscapes
  • JW2338: Eternal LongingFull2:45
    A deeply moving, slow theme with yearning solo cello and subtle, stirring strings
  • LUV064: Matthes CrestAlternate 22:17
    Sparse guitar lines slowly escalate into the sky in a panoramic view of mountaintops.
  • JW2338: Fading HopeFull2:20
    A pensive and emotional underscore track with sensitively picked acoustic guitar and lamenting cello melody
  • JW2338: Lament of the ForsakenFull2:05
    A slow, haunting cello theme with brooding, piano and string underscore textures
  • HR2344: Just BeautifulMain1:21
    Calm track with a dreamy and slight melancholic touch.
  • JW2301: InvisibleFull3:11
    A slow, sad hip hop track with emotional keyboard and string melodies.
  • JW2301: NoirFull2:14
    A slow, moody, sultry lo-fi hip hop track that slightly builds with strings and electric guitar.
  • BM163: Deadly FlowerUnderscore2:48
    A dark unsettling instrumental evokes a wistful and contemplative mood, combining flowing acoustic folk elements with ronroco and flute, ideal for film scenes set in earthy landscapes during sunset.
  • BM163: Whispers Of TomorrowUnderscore2:52
    A solemn and yearning acoustic folk score, featuring flowing acoustic guitar and flute, evoking a sense of unease and uncertainty in a dark and gloomy mystery.
  • JW2338: Gentle Resilience60 Second Edit1:00
    A beautifully tender and expressive cello theme with delicate piano and gentle strings
  • BM117: All Is CalmMain1:34
    Calm and emphatic, featuring spacious electric guitar, piano and drones creating an expressive, introspective mood.
  • EM5300: Utter SeclusionMain2:19
    Feeling of desolation and wideness with distant piano and delicate cello harmonics. Cottony and dreamy.
  • TM024: HorizonMain2:51
    Cinematic and gentle guitar chords with distant textures and a postive overall build
  • BM117: Falling AwayMain1:47
    Warm and sorrowful, featuring flowing electric guitar, drones and strings creating a pensive, carefree mood.
  • JW2338: Gone But Not Forgotten60 Second Edit1:00
    A sentimental soundtrack instrumental with heartfelt melodic cello and touching piano and strings accompaniment
  • SSM0016: A Father RejectionAlt Mix No Lead Mix1:21
    A Somber String Piece that evokes regret and sadness perfect for any Drama or Funeral
  • HPM4179: Winters BreathMain1:45
    Melancholy piano for moments of personal sadness, loss, reflection, and mourning.
  • JW2305: DidoFull3:42
    Dark and sorrowful piano chords open this despairing track, slowly followed by a sombre electric guitar and violin line. This track builds to a powerful, dramatic climax with heavy drums.




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