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Fairytale sounds for imaginative stories: these tracks are a real treat for the ears of fairytale lovers. Childlike, gentle, luminous and a little bit of curiosity.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-14
Track count: 35
Total playing time: 1:17:43

  • TM026: WishMain2:16
    Smooth, floating sweet melodic waltz. Quiet middle section that grows in intensity
  • ZEN007: DeliciousMain2:04
    Small bells and strings / Pizzicati / Piano theme @ 0:26 / Oboe / Repetitive
  • LUV113: Round TripFULL2:07
    Innocent mandolins and glockenspiel plays over content plucks of strings and woodwinds.
  • LUV113: Meet CuteFULL2:09
    Sparse, formal waltz with a demure melody line of piano and strings.
  • HPM4131: ImaginationMain1:41
    Calm and serene floating gently sparkling orchestral underscore evoking enchanting fairy tails and children's dream worlds.
  • JW2327: Surprise, RepriseFull2:28
    A light and sparkling track with prominent xylophone and bells, and beautiful orchestral backing
  • HR2339: Where's Mrs. MarpleMain1:54
    Animals, Animation, Ballet, Camel train, Cartoon, Castles, Chase, Children, Comic, Danger, Documentation, Drama, Expanse, Fairy tale, Fjord, Flying, History, Hunt, Impression, Landscape, Middle Ages, Mountain landscape, Nature, Palaces, Panorama, Reportage, Rivers, Rural, Sailing, Sea/Sea voyage, Slapstick, Soundtrack, Suspense, Trip, Zoo, Film Score, Brass instrumentalists, Flute, Harp, Orchestra, Percussion, Strings, Woodwinds, Contemplative, Dignified, Dramatic, Dreamy, Eerie, Emotional, Heroic, Majestic, Mysterious, Threatening, Tottering
  • TM026: AikaMain1:38
    Sweet, gentle melodies and simple percussion. Mellow, dreamy and thoughtful
  • HR2342: A Big MassMain1:33
    Ethereal choir with arpeggiated strings and a clerical touch.
  • JW2149: EnchantressMain2:19
  • SSM0107: Magic Beans SSMFull Mix2:19
    A nice summer day, this elegant track features bright bells, positive strings, and curious piano melodies.
  • TM026: Shopping MallMain2:38
    Determined, joyful melodies. Growing in intensity towards the end with a triumphant finale
  • HPM4317: Inside The BubbleMain2:33
    Light and delicate pastoral soundscape with solo viola, for personal stories in outdoor and craft scenes.
  • TM026: Siberian WizardMain2:04
    Gentle pizzicato string growing to full mysterious orchestral piece. Melodic repetition with big finale
  • TM026: Hero MeMain2:09
    Adventurous, bold and triumphant. Determined melodies for heroic challenges
  • JW2149: Pool of TearsMain3:05
  • JW2313: Wishing On A StarFull2:04
    A warm, twinkling orchestral fantasy track with strong, emotive, hopeful sweeping strings.
  • SMA56: Old Green CastlesMain3:30
    Art, Castles, Fairytale, Museum, Palaces, pastoral, Rivers
  • HPM4299: Dance Of The Sugar Plum FairyMain1:36
    Curious and charming music box, with light magical textures.
  • SSM0196: Hustle and BustleFull Mix2:00
    This collection of Solo Jazz Drums are great for adding energy and movement in an original way to your production.
  • HPM4299: Swan LakeMain2:08
    Slow and enchanting music box rendition of Swan Lake, with a mysterious and magic atmosphere.
  • JW2220: Above The CloudsMain2:16
  • JW2313: Forest FrolicFull1:53
    Bright glockenspiel, string and woodwind melodies lead the way in this optimistic orchestral track.
  • SSM0158: History NewsAlt Mix No Lead2:29
    This collection of Light News tracks are perfect for information based programs, Documentary, News, Science/Technology and Podcasts, Key F Maj
  • JW2313: Hopeful And HappyFull1:51
    A playful orchestral track with perky pizzicato strings, sweet woodwinds and lush sweeping strings.
  • JW2313: Modern LullabyFull1:54
    An emotive orchestral fantasy track with twinkling glockenspiel, sweet woodwind melodies, and light pizzicato strings.
  • JW2313: Tippy ToesFull1:58
    A playful orchestral track with mischievous pizzicato strings and woodwind harmonies, building with light percussion.
  • JW2313: Spring To LifeFull2:05
    Staccato and sweeping string melodies lead the way in this whimsical orchestral track, with twinkling percussive and woodwind embellishments.
  • JW2257: Trouble In ParadiseMain2:50
  • JW2149: Shadow FallMain2:19
  • HPM4131: Box Of DelightsMain1:56
    Cheeky pizz strings and woodwind inspiring a quirky sense of mystery, curiosity and adventure.
  • JW2149: Artist's Impression 2Main2:17
  • JW2149: Country RetreatMain2:47
  • LUV113: NightingaleFULL2:12
    Delicate piano dances over sweeping orchestra in a background perfect for quiet moments.
  • HPM4341: The DiamondMain2:41
    Balletic light and playful woodwinds with sparkle and flourish evoking winter scenes and luxury lifestyle.




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