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Here are light, wintry melodies with a touch of Christmas anticipation: relaxing cosily in front of the fireplace, buying presents or getting in the mood for a white Christmas - with these tracks through the pre-Christmas season.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-06
Track count: 38
Total playing time: 1:19:48

  • HPM4131: Baby StepsMain0:35
    Floating atmospheric track for sparkling winter scenes and breath taking nature shots, also evoking infants and simplicity.
  • HR2344: Just BeautifulMain1:21
    Calm track with a dreamy and slight melancholic touch.
  • HPM4306: Sugar Plum Fairy PizzMain1:34
    Famous Russian ballet music on pizzicato strings, for a sense of Winter mystery and magical fantasy.
  • LUV136: O Royal TannenbaumsALT3 MinimalMix32:07
    Serious cellos and basses and bells bring holiday cheer to the spiked cranberry punch.
  • HPM4341: Grace And StyleMain2:56
    Mid tempo traditional lyrical waltz featuring music box, for winter and Christmas, and historical European grandeur.
  • LUV136: Isle of ElvesALT2 MinimalMix22:22
    Elves are working overtime this year trying to meet the massive demand for tender cuteness.
  • HR2345: A Happy LifeFull1:51
    Beautiful and moving sounds for landscapes and nature.
  • LUV136: Holiday RushmoreFULL2:04
    Plodding strings are cutely unsure if they should go inside and say hello or quirkily stay outside in the snowfall.
  • HPM4341: The DiamondMain2:41
    Balletic light and playful woodwinds with sparkle and flourish evoking winter scenes and luxury lifestyle.
  • HR2342: A Big MassMain1:33
    Ethereal choir with arpeggiated strings and a clerical touch.
  • BM123: To Be With YouMain2:05
    Subtle and thoughtful, featuring warm piano creating an emotional, profound mood.
  • JW2313: Leap Of FaithFull1:41
    A gorgeous orchestral fantasy track that builds with sweeping strings, light piano and sweet celeste melodies.
  • JW2313: Days To RememberFull1:57
    A light, magical orchestral track, building with beautiful, sweeping strings, and warm, emotive piano melodies.
  • TM026: WishMain2:16
    Smooth, floating sweet melodic waltz. Quiet middle section that grows in intensity
  • LUV047: Snowglobe CenturyFull2:14
    Toy piano, glockenspiel, chimes and toy percussion evoking a sense of childlike wonder.
  • LUV047: Falling FeathersAlternate 22:15
    Angelic piano, strings, harp, and chimes create a magical soundscape.
  • LUV047: The InventorAlternate 12:03
    Christmas-y bells and tines develop into a gorgeous, mysterious soundtrack.
  • BM113: Festive FunMain2:14
    Bright and fun-loving, featuring bouncy piano, glockenspiel and saxophone that create a jubilant, satisfied mood.
  • BM113: Winter WonderlandMain2:14
    Exhilarating and captivating, featuring bright piano, glockenspiel and electric guitar that create a daring, moving mood.
  • HPM4266: Chill CrushMain2:24
    Classic chill out beat with music box sample, for dramatic mysterious and magical scenes.
  • BM138: Rock And Roll ChristmasMain2:01
    Spirited and bouncy with retro rock, rock-n-roll elements featuring saxophone and electric guitar to create an assured and comfortable mood.
  • HPM4130: Fairy TalesMain1:29
    Slow and magically atmospheric piano lead for sparkling winter scenes, breath taking nature shots and childhood Christmas.
  • BM152: Crisp Winter AirMain2:20
    Gentle and luxurious Acoustic Folk track, featuring soothing vocal oohs and acoustic guitar creating a lovely mood.
  • JW2306: Bob SleighFull2:26
    An upbeat, happy pop song led with acoustic guitar, featuring sleigh bells throughout to add a Christmas theme.
  • JW2306: Wrapper's DelightFull2:20
    An upbeat, feel good pop-rock track with a driving rhythm. This track features electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, xylophone and Christmas bells to add a festive feel.
  • BM138: Rock And Roll Christmas30 Second0:30
    Spirited and bouncy with retro rock, rock-n-roll elements featuring saxophone and electric guitar to create an assured and comfortable mood.
  • HPM4298: Classic Movie ChristmasMain2:44
    Enchanting sweeping orchestral score at bright tempo, evoking traditional Christmas scenes and winter landscapes.
  • JW2306: Falling SnowFull3:18
    An ambient pop song with gentle acoustic guitar, percussion and Christmas bells. This delicate track has a sense of curiosity and mystery throughout.
  • JW2306: Festive SoulsFull2:33
    A bright and cheerful festive pop song with warm acoustic guitar, sleigh bells and vocal 'aahs'.
  • JWV0125: Fairy CoachRemastered2:35
    Sleigh bells and horse clops with woodwind trills and a gentle accompaniment create a magical and festive atmosphere for the string melody.
  • JW2306: RooftopsFull2:40
    This laid-back, reflective track features a mellow bass guitar, gentle vocals and soft Christmas bells.
  • JW2306: Snow CarnivalFull2:25
    An upbeat pop song led by acoustic guitar and featuring warm vocals, Christmas bells and percussion. This festive feel-good track is uplifting and exciting.
  • EM5274: Marché De NoëlMain1:58
    Glockenspiel playing childish theme evoking Christmas, winter and snow in Paris. Repetitive waltz theme like the one of a barrel organ. Evoking children in front of Christmas windows shops
  • JWV0121: TyroleanRemastered1:38
    A soft harp and clarinet opening build into a playful and cheery waltz for full orchestra typical of the Austrian/Bavarian style.
  • JW2306: GlistenFull2:54
    A dreamy, delicate track featuring bright acoustic guitar, sleigh bells, gentle percussion and keyboard.
  • HPM4298: Christmas MagicMain1:08
    Sparkling Christmas music box, creating a happy dreamy sense of seasonal magic.
  • EM5329: The ManorMain2:18
    Delicate and elegant soft piano with naive and elegant glockenspiel theme. Romantic mood.
  • HR2343: Like ClockworkFull2:04
    Lively and curious track with pizzicato strings and woodwinds.




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