Sports - Dynamic
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Sports - Dynamic

This sports playlist stands for dynamic movements with maximum power.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2022-09-16
Track count: 16
Total playing time: 31:51

  • AAM564: FreewheelerFull Mix2:32
    Hard driving and edgy electronic breakbreat track
  • HPM4109: FuzzerMain1:34
    Strong and confident EDM beat invoking drive and energy.
  • AAM556: BitcoinerFull Mix1:41
    Melodic uplifting EDM with great energy in the style of Zedd, David Guetta, Hardwell
  • EM5275: So FunAlternate1:00
    Slap bass, funky guitar, positive female voices with rock energy and powerful drums. Kind of sports song. Or the song of your next car commercial… or even both: there's this kind of happiness a man feels when he drives his new sports car for the first time.
  • HPM4180: Sub The FatboyMain0:47
    Flashy and impressive pop guitar groove evoking full on fun and bright entertainment.
  • AAM558: Rock The BonesFull Mix2:31
    Bluesy indie rock guitar with a litle 1970s attitude
  • LUV100: Off to The StarsALT1 NoVocals2:05
    Huge rock guitars and synths with punky pop male vocals.
  • BM010: Suicide BrideFull1:47
    Hi tech drum loops with massive crunching riffs and searing lead guitars.
  • JW2292: Ocean ViewInstrumental3:52
    Driving blues rock with powerful, stomping verses and more hopeful chorus'.
  • JW2292: ShakeFull2:30
    Groovy, badass blues rock with tonnes of swagger.
  • AAM558: Page TurnerFull Mix2:00
    Heavy industrial rock with a slow beat in the style of Linkin Park
  • AAM558: Under My SkinNo Lead1:50
    Hard rock/ metal track with a heavy shuffle beat, in the style of Metallica, Pantera
  • AAM558: Big RevealNo Melody2:28
    Fun upbeat modern indie pop rock guitar track with a catchy hook
  • SSM0034: The Hero In MeFull Mix2:04
    Building strings and percussion explode into a heart-pounding climax at 1:21
  • JW2279: We Can Do ThisMain2:15
    A heavy rock track with a brooding yet determined tone throughout.
  • HPM4250: Ballin For DollasMain Section0:55
    Punchy epic hybrid sports action build, evoking intense competition and hype.




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