Sports - Powerful
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Sports - Powerful

In sport, you can never have enough of it: Power. Tracks and beds for strong images and the necessary amount of strenght.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-10
Track count: 15
Total playing time: 32:14

  • HPM4304: Rocky TrailsMain1:36
    Epic rock guitar with male vocal and a raw dirty swagger, huge unbridled power.
  • LUV001: We Came to FightMain1:48
    Grooving heavy rap rock.
  • LUV082: SPECTRAFull1:53
    Aggressive distorted synths and big drum hits make this track an in-your-face bnager
  • HPM4304: Free WheelingNo Vox3:18
    High energy driving drums with vocal shouts, for adrenaline fuelled trailers and sports build ups.
  • LUV001: Take No PrisonersAlternate1:50
    Angry hardcore death metal, with growling cookie monster vocals and shredding guitar solo.
  • HPM4251: MisunderstoodMain1:25
    Hard hitting sports action hype, for power, momentum and drive in urban culture and competitions.
  • BM010: Subculture VultureFull1:37
    Tense electro industrial underscore with heavy riffs.
  • HPM4304: Something ElseNo Vox3:14
    Hard hitting guitar rock with strong male vocal shouts, for Americana scenes and ultimate sports showdowns.
  • HPM4304: No SubstituteMain3:13
    Bold and upbeat rock and roll guitar with strong driving drums.
  • JW2292: Trouble MakerInstrumental2:39
    A sexy, strong blues rock track with sizzling guitar grooves and stomping percussion.
  • HPM4250: This Is The GameMain Section1:17
    Uplifting and cinematic emotive modern orchestral build up, evoking heroic victory and overcoming the odds in epic sports and challenges.
  • LUV001: Full ForceAlternate2:01
    Confident bad-ass metal with growling motorcycle sounds.
  • BM010: ScarsFull1:31
    Distorted guitars over driving and relentless rhythms.
  • HPM4304: Free WheelingMain3:18
    High energy driving drums with vocal shouts, for adrenaline fuelled trailers and sports build ups.
  • BM010: GothtronicaFull1:34
    Sexy groove with heavy demonic detuned riffs and sassy electronica hooks.




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