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With its static character, drones and soundscapes create a lot of atmosphere and deepness which ranges from suspenseful to sinister.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-22
Track count: 53
Total playing time: 2:13:03

  • BM071: Beating DroneInstrumental3:07
    Unsettling drone with beating frequencies.
  • BM071: Cinematic DroneInstrumental3:07
    Ominous, low cinematic drone.
  • BM075: Sub HarmonicsInstrumental2:52
    Solid fundamental drone with subtle oscillating harmonics.
  • BM071: Deep Breath DroneInstrumental3:13
    Powerful, mysterious and breathy drone. Underground tombs and catacombs.
  • BM071: Meditation DroneInstrumental3:14
    Rich, positive and ethereal drone.
  • BM071: Zephyr DroneInstrumental3:06
    Deep rumble with slow harmonic undulation.
  • BM071: Binaural DroneInstrumental3:08
    Wide stereo beat frequency drone.
  • BM071: Tranquil DroneInstrumental3:22
    Hypnotic, meditative drone.
  • BM071: Orchestral DroneInstrumental2:04
    Strong orchestral basses.
  • BM071: Black Hole DroneInstrumental3:08
    The black void of space.
  • BM075: UnderworldInstrumental1:55
    Dark brooding soundscape.
  • BM075: Mysterious DeepInstrumental1:55
    Dark sounscape with mysterious call from the deep.
  • BM075: Ships In The MistInstrumental3:07
    Dark ominous soundscape with organ-like quality.
  • SSM0064: Through The TunnelAlt Mix Drones And Pads1:47
    This somber track features soft piano and calming textures.
  • JW2216: Deep Blue SeaMain2:33
  • JW2216: Frozen WastesMain2:21
  • BM071: Flight DroneInstrumental3:06
    Bombers on the horizon.
  • BM071: Singing Bowl DroneInstrumental3:08
    Soothing, sound designed singing bowls.
  • BM071: Harmonic DroneInstrumental2:18
    Solid bass drone with shifting harmonics.
  • BM075: Dark MatterInstrumental1:55
    Dark unobtrusive soundscape for space or underwater exploration.
  • SSM0104: After The Red Storm SSMFull Mix1:38
    A distant gritty drone, and shimmery synth flourishes create a industrial dark atmosphere.
  • BM071: Glowing DroneInstrumental3:06
    Calm, soothing and tranquil drone.
  • BM075: Terra FirmaInstrumental3:07
    Solid fundamental drone with menacing metalic soundscape.
  • BM063: ChromosphereInstrumental3:17
    Eerie, hollow and mysterious soundscape.
  • BM108: RuminationMain3:03
    Dreamy and introspective, featuring warm drones that creates an ambient, glum mood.
  • BM071: Deep Sea DroneInstrumental3:08
    Feel the pressure of the deep.
  • BM071: Fifth Dimension DroneInstrumental3:09
    Deep tones and rich harmonics.
  • JW2174: Dark DroneMain1:12
  • HPM4155: Pressure DroneMain2:06
    Frighteningly scary threatening movie drone with dramatic drums.
  • HPM4156: Freaky DroneMain0:51
    Dark and dramatic synthesiser static suspense underscore drone, for intense and threatening scenes.
  • BM071: Awakening DroneInstrumental3:14
    Profound, calm and peaceful drone.
  • HPM4156: Ruby SkiesMain1:41
    Slow and suspenseful synth drone with bluesy guitar phrases, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear.
  • BM071: Fantasy DroneInstrumental3:16
    Luscious, celestial dronescape.
  • HPM4156: Crimson GlassMain2:15
    Electronic suspense drone, conjuring an eerie mood of uncertainty.
  • BM071: Nyquist DroneInstrumental3:01
    Ominous and mysterious dronescape.
  • HPM4156: Devastation DroneMain1:07
    Mysterious futuristic static suspense drone with an eerie and unsettled ambience.
  • HPM4156: Ambient BeautyMain1:20
    Suspenseful ambient drone with mutiple layers of subtle movement creating a chilling atmosphere.
  • SSM0035: Clinical ResearchAlt Mix Drone1:33
    Burrowing motifs combine with pulsing drones.
  • HPM4156: Dobs Drone GMain0:48
    Ominous static drone, for all purpose suspense moments.
  • HPM4156: Minor Deep DroneMain1:18
    Ominous space-inspired drone track creating a sense of isolation and darkness.
  • HPM4156: Sub Space DroneMain1:11
    Floating ambient documentary underscore drone evoking desolate landscapes and the vastness of nature.
  • HPM4218: Tenser Drone RiserMain1:04
    Mysterious and unsettled sustained suspense bed, conjuring an eerie mood of uncertainty.
  • SSM0104: Birth Of A Continent SSMFull Mix1:44
    Distant and hopeful, this track creates an atmosphere of new life.
  • BM042: Black SunFull3:14
    Dark mysterious drone with subtle optimistic high strings.
  • BM067: EquilibriumInstrumental3:08
    Meditation drone.
  • BM071: Rumble DroneInstrumental3:13
    Deep rumble drone.
  • BM070: Abandoned WarehouseInstrumental3:02
    Disturbing soundscape featuring giant gongs and metallic FX.
  • BM070: VoidInstrumental3:12
    Vast empty spaces.
  • BM070: Shadow CreaturesInstrumental3:10
    Deep rumble with eerie voice-like sounds.
  • BM071: Bomber DroneInstrumental3:07
    Giant aircraft passing in the night.
  • BM071: Panoramic DroneInstrumental3:11
    Powerful widescreen drone.
  • BM070: AbysmInstrumental3:16
    Dark atmospheric soundscape.
  • BM075: Discovery OneInstrumental1:55
    Vast cinematic drone for space exploration.




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