Summer, Holiday, Promenade
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Summer, Holiday, Promenade

Light and cosmopolitan musical impressions, all accompanied by accordion. Whether strolling along the beach promenade on Sylt or the Mediterranean, this music accompanies your pictures with savoir-vivre, light and lovingly.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2019-07-25
Track count: 9
Total playing time: 21:46

  • EM5247: Accordion ProjectMain3:00
    Acoustic gtr. theme intro / accordion theme @ 0:25 / accordion solo @ 0:50 / back to acoustic gtr. theme @ 1:42
  • EM5237: Vals GitanoMain1:39
    Castelluccia guitar theme intro with accordion & double bass / Guitar solo @ 0:32 / Back to theme @ 1:20
  • EM5274: Le Baloche à JoMain1:32
    Traditional accordion French waltz that used to be played in old bals in the 1940s in Paris with gypsy guitar and jazzy drums. Positive mood until 0:53 when the mood turns mysterious and delicate, accordion playing only high-keys
  • EM5274: Chant De l'AlouetteMain3:11
    Delicate French accordion waltz recalling retro music playing in Parisian cafés in the 50s. Swirling accordion theme @ 0:48 in the style of Edith Piaf, and solo @ 1:52
  • EM5274: Bord De MarneMain2:36
    Joyful accordion theme and gypsy acoustic guitar. Bouncy mood evoking a peaceful Sunday afternoon at a French guinguette in the 1930s with people drinking some cool wine
  • EM5303: Bal sur la SeineMain2:23
    Pure 1920's gypsy jazz. Parisian retro mood.
  • AAM543: De VivreFull Mix3:13
    French gypsy jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli, Hot Club, Acoustic Jazz, Gypsy, light comedy, French comedy, France, swing
  • AAM543: Light In The WalletFull Mix2:12
    French gypsy jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt, Hot Club, acoustic jazz, light comedy, French comedy, France, swing, Woody Allen
  • AAM547: Zydeco LifeFull Mix2:00
    Fun upbeat major key Zydeco / Cajun style track, a la Buckwheat Zydeco




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