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The days are getting longer again, nature is turning green: spring is at its best. Tracks for a walk in the park and the awakening of nature.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2019-02-09
Track count: 36
Total playing time: 1:37:29

  • AAM506: Best Of FriendsFull1:34
    Mid tempo, positive, inspirational piano based pop, feel good, warm, family, love
  • AAM506: Great IdeaFull1:35
    Uptempo, positive, inspirational piano based pop, feel good, warm, family, love
  • AAM506: Trinidad CoveFull1:33
    Uptempo, happy Island feel, positive, carefree, piano based pop, joyful, uplifting, feel good, good times
  • AAM519: CascadesFull2:45
    Relaxing, spa, yoga, meditation, inspirational, spiritual, new age, mid tempo, healing, warm, positive, tranquil, percussion, plucked synth, piano, strings
  • AAM528: Latest EditionFull1:55
    Light and easy melodic pop rock. Good friends and good times. Mid tempo.
  • AAM549: Soak Up The FunFull Mix1:20
    Positive optimistic upbeat EDM track in the style of The Chainsmokers
  • AAM549: Spice Of LifeMallet Mix2:17
    Positive and optimistic guitar-based pop rock track
  • AAM901: You Are The ReasonInstrumental3:46
    Uptempo, acoustic pop flavored dance, great energy, no vocals version
  • AAM903: Shelter ForeverafterInstrumental2:36
    Mid tempo, pop R&B ballad, soulful, no vocals version
  • AAM905: One In A MillionInstrumental3:18
    Bouncy mid tempo acoustic pop, in the style of Black Horse & The Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall, no vocals version
  • AAM905: It's A Beautiful DayInstrumental3:43
    Uplifting inspirational uptempo pop rock, no vocals version
  • AAM911: Koolest Kat AroundInstrumental2:59
    Uptempo, swing jazz, male vocal, cool, sophisticated, al a Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr., no vocals version, Instrumental version. Electric guitar, bass, drums, C Minor, 88 BPM
  • BLINQ 061: Cruising The BoulevardAlternate2:08
    No whistle: Summer, Pop, Lifestyle, Fashion, Positive
  • BLINQ 061: Celsius vs FahrenheitMain2:22
    Summer, Pop, Lifestyle, Fashion, Positive
  • JW2253: Life In ColourFull2:03
  • JW2253: Manhattan GirlFull2:01
  • JW2262: Fly HighFull2:43
  • JW2262: Sway ItFull1:41
  • JW2269: Higher And HigherFull2:03
    An emotional classical pop track that builds to a hopeful chorus.
  • JW2269: Staying StrongFull2:05
    An emotional pop track with beautiful string and piano melodies.
  • JW2271: Above And Below StairsFull Version2:11
    A soft, flowing solo piano track with beautiful melodies.
  • AAM515: The Swan (From Carnival Of The Animals)Full, Long version8:22
    Slow tempo, classical music, peaceful, serene, spiritual, relaxing, solitude, gentle, spa, new age, meditation, contemplation, introspective
  • AAM519: Earth MotherFull4:17
    Relaxing, spa, yoga, meditation, spiritual, slow tempo, new age, healing, tranquil, sad yet peaceful and inspirational melody, harp, flute, breath pad
  • AAM519: Jade SpringFull3:38
    Relaxing, spa, slow tempo, yoga, meditation, spiritual, new age, healing, tranquil, peaceful, plucked synth, alto flute, strings, percussion colors
  • AAM903: Season of ChangeInstrumental3:54
    Mid tempo, pop, with a flowing 6-8 fingerpicked feel, positive, uplifting, no vocals version
  • BLINQ 040: Positive AttitudeMain2:36
    Pop, Positive, Corporate
  • BLINQ 011: The Happy FewMain1:42
    Pop, Folk, Indie, Quirky
  • BLINQ 051: Happy FacesMain2:07
    Positive, Uplifting, Smile, Happy, Commercials
  • EM5235: Happy TherapyMain2:50
    Guitar @ 0:08/Drum & Bass @ 0:15/Possible ending @ 1:01
  • EM5255: Happy SofaMain3:07
    Flute intro / Piano theme @ 0:17 / Synth. theme @ 0:43 / Break @ 0:58, 1:51
  • EM5274: Bord De MarneMain2:36
    Joyful accordion theme and gypsy acoustic guitar. Bouncy mood evoking a peaceful Sunday afternoon at a French guinguette in the 1930s with people drinking some cool wine
  • EM5277: Love WarriorsMain2:18
    Panoramic pop rock song with marcato string theme. Corporate mood. Confident drums. Evokes a sense of unity with a big common project and success.
  • EM5303: The Gypsy ProjectMain3:24
    Delicate gypsy jazz with electro drums.
  • EM5303: DjangotonMain3:05
    Gypsy jazz remixed with reggae.
  • HR2331: Fancy Dresswithout Strings2:27
    Animals, Autumn, Cheerful, Children, City, Documentation, Fairy tale, Film, Score, Flowing, Free time, happy, Hobby, Museum, Orchestra, Park, Reportage, Saxophone, Soundtrack, Spring, Stroll, Summer, urban, Zoo
  • JW2158: Summer SunFull2:28




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