Emotive Alpine Atmospheres

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Emotive Alpine Atmospheres TM044

A beautiful collection of emotive neo classical and electronica tracks with piano, synths, strings and gentle atmospheric vocals

Thermal Music TM044

  • 001The Next AdventureMain3:39
  • 002Wide LandscapeMain2:57
  • 003RealisationMain2:00
  • 004The Next GenMain2:08
  • 005Looking UpMain2:25
  • 006Out The WoodsMain2:22
  • 007Mechanical EmotionsMain3:06
  • 008Please Come BackMain3:00
  • 009One Step FurtherMain2:13
  • 010Better Than BeforeMain2:15
  • 011UpgradingMain2:26
  • 012The Next Adventure300:30
  • 013Wide Landscape300:30
  • 014Realisation300:30
  • 015The Next Gen300:30
  • 016Looking Up300:29
  • 017Out The Woods300:30
  • 018Mechanical Emotions300:29
  • 019Please Come Back300:29
  • 020One Step Further300:29
  • 021Better Than Before300:29
  • 022Upgrading300:30
  • 023The Next Adventure601:00
  • 024Wide Landscape601:00
  • 025Realisation601:00
  • 026The Next Gen601:00
  • 027Looking Up600:59
  • 028Out The Woods601:00
  • 029Mechanical Emotions600:59
  • 030Please Come Back600:59
  • 031One Step Further600:59
  • 032Better Than Before600:59
  • 033Upgrading601:00




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