Fields Of Green Happy Acoustic

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Fields Of Green Happy Acoustic SSM0229

Dive into the lively sounds of 'Fields of Green: Happy Acoustic.' This album is a collection of upbeat, feel-good tracks that celebrate life with infectious positivity. From carefree road trips to sunny picnics, these melodies are your perfect companion for bright moments

Space & Sound Music SSM0229

  • 001Kickin' Up DustFull Mix1:32
  • 002Kickin' Up DustAlt Mix No Lead1:32
  • 003Kickin' Up Dust60sec1:00
  • 004Kickin' Up Dust30sec0:30
  • 005Kickin' Up Dust15sec0:15
  • 006Kickin' Up DustBanjo:Ukulele Stem1:32
  • 007Kickin' Up DustViolin Stem1:32
  • 008Kickin' Up DustPiano Stem1:32
  • 009Kickin' Up DustGuitars:Mandolin Stem1:32
  • 010Kickin' Up DustBass Stem1:32
  • 011Kickin' Up DustPercussion:Claps Stem1:32
  • 012Kickin' Up DustDrums Stem1:32
  • 013Hittin' the RoadFull Mix1:36
  • 014Hittin' the RoadAlt Mix No Lead1:36
  • 015Hittin' the Road60sec1:00
  • 016Hittin' the Road30sec0:30
  • 017Hittin' the Road15sec0:15
  • 018Hittin' the RoadViolin Stem1:36
  • 019Hittin' the RoadGuitars Stem1:36
  • 020Hittin' the RoadPiano Stem1:36
  • 021Hittin' the RoadBass Stem1:36
  • 022Hittin' the RoadPercussion:Claps Stem1:36
  • 023Hittin' the RoadDrums Stem1:36
  • 02470 Degrees and SunnyFull Mix1:49
  • 02570 Degrees and SunnyAlt Mix No Lead1:49
  • 02670 Degrees and Sunny60sec1:00
  • 02770 Degrees and Sunny30sec0:30
  • 02870 Degrees and Sunny15sec0:15
  • 02970 Degrees and SunnyViolin Stem1:49
  • 03070 Degrees and SunnyPiano Stem1:49
  • 03170 Degrees and SunnyGuitars Stem1:49
  • 03270 Degrees and SunnyBanjo:Mandolin:Ukulele Stem1:49
  • 03370 Degrees and SunnyBass Stem1:49
  • 03470 Degrees and SunnyShaker:Claps Stem1:49
  • 03570 Degrees and SunnyDrums Stem1:49
  • 036A Fond FarewellFull Mix1:36
  • 037A Fond FarewellAlt Mix No Lead1:36
  • 038A Fond Farewell60sec1:00
  • 039A Fond Farewell30sec0:30
  • 040A Fond Farewell15sec0:15
  • 041A Fond FarewellPiano Stem1:36
  • 042A Fond FarewellViolin Stem1:36
  • 043A Fond FarewellGuitars:Mandolin Stem1:36
  • 044A Fond FarewellBass Stem1:36
  • 045A Fond FarewellPercussion:Claps Stem1:36
  • 046A Fond FarewellDrums Stem1:36
  • 047Happy-Go-LuckyFull Mix2:09
  • 048Happy-Go-LuckyAlt Mix No Lead2:09
  • 049Happy-Go-Lucky60sec1:00
  • 050Happy-Go-Lucky30sec0:30
  • 051Happy-Go-Lucky15sec0:15
  • 052Happy-Go-LuckyUkulele Stem2:09
  • 053Happy-Go-LuckyMallets:Whistle Stem2:09
  • 054Happy-Go-LuckyGuitars:Mandolin Stem2:09
  • 055Happy-Go-LuckyPiano Stem2:09
  • 056Happy-Go-LuckyBass Stem2:09
  • 057Happy-Go-LuckyClaps Stem2:09
  • 058Happy-Go-LuckyShaker Stem2:09
  • 059Happy-Go-LuckyDrums Stem2:09
  • 060High-Flying BirdsFull Mix1:31
  • 061High-Flying BirdsAlt Mix No Lead1:31
  • 062High-Flying Birds60sec1:00
  • 063High-Flying Birds30sec0:30
  • 064High-Flying Birds15sec0:15
  • 065High-Flying BirdsViolin Stem1:31
  • 066High-Flying BirdsPiano Stem1:31
  • 067High-Flying BirdsGuitars:Banjo Stem1:31
  • 068High-Flying BirdsBass Stem1:31
  • 069High-Flying BirdsPercussion Stem1:31
  • 070High-Flying BirdsDrums Stem1:31
  • 071Fields of GreenFull Mix1:47
  • 072Fields of GreenAlt Mix No Lead1:47
  • 073Fields of Green60sec1:00
  • 074Fields of Green30sec0:30
  • 075Fields of Green15sec0:15
  • 076Fields of GreenMisc. Melody Stem1:47
  • 077Fields of GreenGuitars:Mandolin Stem1:47
  • 078Fields of GreenBass Stem1:47
  • 079Fields of GreenPercussion Stem1:47
  • 080Fields of GreenDrums Stem1:47




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