Chill Lofi Joints

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Chill Lofi Joints SSM0183

Chill Lofi Joints is a collection of Chillhop tracks that combines Lofi samples with Hip Hop beats

Space & Sound Music SSM0183

  • 001Matcha LatteFull Mix1:40
  • 002Matcha LatteAlt Mix Music Bed1:36
  • 003Matcha LatteLead Stem1:40
  • 004Matcha LatteDrums and Bass Stem1:40
  • 005Going 2 SchoolFull Mix2:16
  • 006Going 2 SchoolAlt Mix Music Bed2:16
  • 007Going 2 SchoolLead Stem2:16
  • 008Going 2 SchoolDrums and Bass Stem2:16
  • 009Hop ScotchFull Mix1:21
  • 010Hop ScotchAlt Mix Music Bed1:55
  • 011Hop ScotchLead Stem1:55
  • 012Hop ScotchDrums and Bass Stem1:55
  • 013Midnight OilFull Mix2:03
  • 014Midnight OilAlt Mix Music Bed2:13
  • 015Midnight OilLead Stem2:13
  • 016Midnight OilDrums and Bass Stem2:13
  • 017Fire FliesFull Mix1:33
  • 018Fire FliesMusic Bed1:33
  • 019Fire FliesLead Stem1:33
  • 020Fire FliesDrums and Bass Stem1:33
  • 021Sundays In The ValleyFull Mix1:46
  • 022Sundays in the ValleyAlt Mix Music Bed1:46
  • 023Sundays in the ValleyLead Stem1:46
  • 024Sundays in the ValleyDrums and Bass Stem1:46
  • 025Alley CatFull Mix1:56
  • 026Alley CatAlt Mix Music Bed2:12
  • 027Alley CatDrums and Bass Stem2:12
  • 028Black UnicornFull Mix1:32
  • 029Black UnicornAlt Mix Music Bed1:32
  • 030Black UnicornLead Stem1:32
  • 031Black UnicornDrums and Bass Stem1:32
  • 032EscapeFull Mix1:25
  • 033EscapeMusic Bed0:14
  • 034EscapeLead Stem1:25
  • 035EscapeDrums and Bass Stem1:25
  • 036In My DreamsFull Mix2:03
  • 037In My DreamsLead Stem2:03
  • 038In My DreamsAlt Mix Music Bed2:03
  • 039In My DreamsDrums and Bass Stem2:03
  • 040Rainy NightsFull Mix2:10
  • 041Rainy NightsAlt Mix Music Bed2:10
  • 042Rainy NightsLead Stem2:08
  • 043Rainy NightsDrums and Bass2:10
  • 044Sweet DreamsFull Mix1:21
  • 045Sweet DreamsAlt Mix Music Bed1:21
  • 046Sweet DreamsLead Stem1:21
  • 047Sweet DreamsDrums and Bass Stem1:21
  • 048The GentlemanFull Mix2:06
  • 049The GentlemanAlt Mix Music Bed2:06
  • 050The GentlemanLead Stem2:06
  • 051The GentlemanDrums and Bass Stem2:06




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