Stomp Rock

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Stomp Rock LUV151

Raw rebellion personified via fuzzy guitars and stadium-inspired percussion. Put on your steel-toe boots, strap on your guitar, and pull out some giant buckets to pound on!

Temp Love LUV151

  • 001Huge BallsFULL2:06
  • 002Makin' HeyFULL2:08
  • 003King Of BeershFULL2:10
  • 004Heavy LiftingFULL2:05
  • 005Big Richard EnergyFULL2:08
  • 006Dog Will HuntFULL2:06
  • 007Pants Full O FunkFULL2:02
  • 008Chase The PlaceFULL2:07
  • 009Huge BallsALT1 NoVocals2:06
  • 010Huge BallsALT2 NoVocalsNoLeads2:06
  • 011Huge BallsALT3 DrumsBassOnly2:06
  • 012Huge Balls300:30
  • 013Huge Balls601:04
  • 014Huge BallsSTEM01 Drums2:06
  • 015Huge BallsSTEM02 Percussion2:06
  • 016Huge BallsSTEM03 Bass2:06
  • 017Huge BallsSTEM04 GuitarMain2:06
  • 018Huge BallsSTEM05 GuitarLead2:06
  • 019Huge BallsSTEM06 SFX2:06
  • 020Huge BallsSTEM07 Vocals2:06
  • 021Makin' HeyALT1 NoVocals2:08
  • 022Makin' HeyALT2 NoVocalsNoLeads2:08
  • 023Makin' HeyALT3 DrumsBassOnly2:08
  • 024Makin' Hey300:31
  • 025Makin' Hey601:05
  • 026Makin' HeySTEM01 Drums2:08
  • 027Makin' HeySTEM02 Percussion2:08
  • 028Makin' HeySTEM03 Bass2:08
  • 029Makin' HeySTEM04 GuitarMain2:08
  • 030Makin' HeySTEM05 GuitarLead2:08
  • 031Makin' HeySTEM06 SFX2:08
  • 032Makin' HeySTEM07 Vocals2:08
  • 033King Of BeershALT1 NoVocals2:10
  • 034King Of BeershALT2 NoVocalsNoLeads2:10
  • 035King Of BeershALT3 DrumsBassOnly2:10
  • 036King Of Beersh300:32
  • 037King Of Beersh601:04
  • 038King Of BeershSTEM01 Drums2:10
  • 039King Of BeershSTEM02 Percussion2:10
  • 040King Of BeershSTEM03 Bass2:10
  • 041King Of BeershSTEM04 GuitarMain2:10
  • 042King Of BeershSTEM05 GuitarLead2:10
  • 043King Of BeershSTEM06 SFX2:10
  • 044King Of BeershSTEM07 Vocals2:10
  • 045Heavy LiftingALT1 NoVocals2:05
  • 046Heavy LiftingALT2 NoVocalsNoLeads2:05
  • 047Heavy LiftingALT3 DrumsBassOnly2:05
  • 048Heavy Lifting300:33
  • 049Heavy Lifting601:04
  • 050Heavy LiftingSTEM01 Drums2:05
  • 051Heavy LiftingSTEM02 Percussion2:05
  • 052Heavy LiftingSTEM03 Tambourine2:05
  • 053Heavy LiftingSTEM04 Bass2:05
  • 054Heavy LiftingSTEM05 GuitarMain2:05
  • 055Heavy LiftingSTEM06 GuitarLead2:05
  • 056Heavy LiftingSTEM07 GuitarStabs2:05
  • 057Heavy LiftingSTEM08 SFX2:05
  • 058Heavy LiftingSTEM09 Vocals3:05
  • 059Big Richard EnergyALT1 NoVocals2:08
  • 060Big Richard EnergyALT2 NoVocalsNoLeads2:08
  • 061Big Richard EnergyALT3 DrumsBassOnly2:08
  • 062Big Richard Energy300:37
  • 063Big Richard Energy601:03
  • 064Big Richard EnergySTEM01 Drums2:08
  • 065Big Richard EnergySTEM02 Percussion2:08
  • 066Big Richard EnergySTEM03 Bass2:08
  • 067Big Richard EnergySTEM04 GuitarMain2:08
  • 068Big Richard EnergySTEM05 GuitarLead2:08
  • 069Big Richard EnergySTEM06 SFX Impact2:08
  • 070Big Richard EnergySTEM07 SFX Riser2:08
  • 071Big Richard EnergySTEM08 Vocals2:08
  • 072Dog Will HuntALT1 NoVocals2:06
  • 073Dog Will HuntALT2 NoVocalsNoLeads2:06
  • 074Dog Will HuntALT3 DrumsBassOnly2:06
  • 075Dog Will Hunt300:35
  • 076Dog Will Hunt601:08
  • 077Dog Will HuntSTEM01 Drums2:06
  • 078Dog Will HuntSTEM02 Percussion2:06
  • 079Dog Will HuntSTEM03 Bass2:06
  • 080Dog Will HuntSTEM04 GuitarMain2:06
  • 081Dog Will HuntSTEM05 GuitarLead2:06
  • 082Dog Will HuntSTEM06 SFX2:06
  • 083Dog Will HuntSTEM07 Vocals2:06
  • 084Pants Full O FunkALT1 NoVocals2:02
  • 085Pants Full O FunkALT2 NoVocalsNoLeads2:02
  • 086Pants Full O FunkALT3 DrumsBassOnly2:02
  • 087Pants Full O Funk300:33
  • 088Pants Full O Funk601:04
  • 089Pants Full O FunkSTEM01 Drums2:02
  • 090Pants Full O FunkSTEM02 Percussion2:02
  • 091Pants Full O FunkSTEM03 Bass2:02
  • 092Pants Full O FunkSTEM04 GuitarMain2:02
  • 093Pants Full O FunkSTEM05 GuitarLead2:02
  • 094Pants Full O FunkSTEM06 SFX2:02
  • 095Pants Full O FunkSTEM07 Vocals2:02
  • 096Chase The PlaceALT1 NoVocals2:07
  • 097Chase The PlaceALT2 NoVocalsNoLeads2:07
  • 098Chase The PlaceALT3 DrumsBassOnly2:07
  • 099Chase The Place300:30
  • 100Chase The Place601:06
  • 101Chase The PlaceSTEM01 Drums2:07
  • 102Chase The PlaceSTEM02 Percussion2:07
  • 103Chase The PlaceSTEM03 Bass2:07
  • 104Chase The PlaceSTEM04 GuitarMain2:07
  • 105Chase The PlaceSTEM05 GuitarLead2:07
  • 106Chase The PlaceSTEM06 SFX2:07
  • 107Chase The PlaceSTEM07 Vocals2:07




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