Part Two - DARK

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Part Two -  DARK JW2336

An album of interesting, and evocative electronic atmospheres with a dark, mysterious edge.

JW Media Music JW2336

  • 001WastelandsFull2:42
  • 002Through The FogFull2:46
  • 003The BehemothFull2:41
  • 004All Is Not LostFull3:21
  • 005Bring Me To LifeFull2:47
  • 006Dark TideFull2:41
  • 007The DarkFull2:24
  • 008Hard ShadowsFull2:43
  • 009The CorridorFull2:28
  • 010Evil WithinFull2:53
  • 011Wastelands60 Second Edit1:00
  • 012Wastelands30 Second Edit0:32
  • 013Through The Fog60 Second Edit1:00
  • 014Through The Fog30 Second Edit0:28
  • 015The Behemoth60 Second Edit1:00
  • 016The Behemoth30 Second Edit0:32
  • 017All Is Not Lost60 Second Edit1:07
  • 018All Is Not Lost30 Second Edit0:32
  • 019Bring Me To Life60 Second Edit1:05
  • 020Bring Me To Life30 Second Edit0:30
  • 021Dark Tide60 Second Edit1:02
  • 022Dark Tide30 Second Edit0:30
  • 023The Dark60 Second Edit0:58
  • 024The Dark30 Second Edit0:32
  • 025Hard Shadows60 Second Edit1:00
  • 026Hard Shadows30 Second Edit0:32
  • 027The Corridor60 Second Edit1:04
  • 028The Corridor30 Second Edit0:30
  • 029Evil Within60 Second Edit1:00
  • 030Evil Within30 Second Edit0:30




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