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Global View JW2017

Orchestral, from calm to vigorous, strings. Panorama, landscape, from North to South poles.

JW Media Music JW2017

  • 001Big SkyMain4:12
  • 002Global ViewMain4:50
  • 003Voyage Of DiscoveryMain2:50
  • 004Ice CastlesMain3:11
  • 005Arctic JourneyMain4:16
  • 006Highlands And LowlandsMain6:27
  • 007Forgotten VillageMain4:13
  • 008Farewell WaveMain3:13
  • 009Storm At SeaMain7:39
  • 010Rain ForestsMain4:00
  • 011Desert HeatMain3:12
  • 012Valley Of The KingsMain3:28
  • 013Overland To Oregon/titleMain0:47
  • 014Frontier TownMain1:15
  • 015Night CampMain1:02
  • 016WagontrainMain2:10
  • 017Crossing The BighornMain1:14
  • 018Indian CountryMain2:01
  • 019Indian AttackMain1:10
  • 020Beckoning Horizon/openingMain0:20
  • 021Beckoning Horizon/themeMain1:31
  • 022Beckoning Horizon/endingMain0:18
  • 023Far HorizonMain1:19
  • 024Grand PanoramaMain2:54
  • 025Horse OperaMain2:13




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