Beats & Beds

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Beats & Beds JMB 1052

From beautiful ethereal lo-fi sounds to the thrill and excitement of powerful and snappy Hip-Hop beats inspired by the 90's. Featuring slick guitars, driving boom bap drums, dreamy pads and groovy basslines. A great fit for underscores, drama, tension, tv and documentaries.

Jambaar Library JMB 1052

  • 001Reality CheckMain2:36
  • 002QuantumMain2:37
  • 003Hide OutMain2:26
  • 004Black MarketMain2:27
  • 005Secret OperationMain2:44
  • 006Paper ChaseMain2:34
  • 007Sea LevelMain2:40
  • 008PimlicoMain2:37
  • 009Catch 22Main2:49
  • 010Reality CheckNo Drums2:36
  • 011Reality Check15 Seconds0:11
  • 012Reality Check30 Seconds0:24
  • 013QuantumNo Drums2:37
  • 014Quantum15 Seconds0:12
  • 015Quantum30 Seconds0:33
  • 016Hide OutNo Drums2:26
  • 017Hide Out15 Seconds0:15
  • 018Hide Out30 Seconds0:27
  • 019Black MarketNo Drums2:26
  • 020Black Market15 Seconds0:15
  • 021Black Market30 Seconds0:27
  • 022Secret OperationNo Drums2:43
  • 023Secret Operation15 Seconds0:14
  • 024Secret Operation30 Seconds0:29
  • 025Paper ChaseNo Drums2:34
  • 026Paper Chase15 Seconds0:14
  • 027Paper Chase30 Seconds0:25
  • 028Sea LevelNo Drums2:40
  • 029Sea Level15 Seconds0:17
  • 030Sea Level30 Seconds0:32
  • 031PimlicoNo Drums2:37
  • 032Pimlico15 Seconds0:18
  • 033Pimlico30 Seconds0:34
  • 034Catch 22No Drums2:47
  • 035Catch 2215 Seconds0:16
  • 036Catch 2230 Seconds0:33




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