Minimal Electro

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Minimal Electro HR2356

Minimal Electro are electronic tracks full of atmosphere and vibe for technology, adverts, lifestyle and modern topics.

Happy Records HR2356

  • 001Nostalgic DreamsMain2:01
  • 002Nostalgic DreamsMelo Stem2:01
  • 003Nostalgic DreamsBass Drum Stem2:01
  • 004Nostalgic DreamsPercussion Stem2:01
  • 005I've Given Up On YouMain2:59
  • 006Euphoric CircuitryMain1:51
  • 007Euphoric CircuitryMelo Stem1:51
  • 008Euphoric CircuitryBass Stem1:51
  • 009Euphoric CircuitryDrums Stem1:51
  • 010Euphoric CircuitryVocal Stem1:51
  • 011Behind The CurtainMain2:40
  • 012Behind The CurtainMelo Stem2:40
  • 013Behind The CurtainBass Stem2:40
  • 014Behind The CurtainDrums Stem2:40
  • 015Rear LightsMain1:42
  • 016Rear LightsGuitar Sample Stem1:42
  • 017Rear LightsRhodes Stem1:42
  • 018Rear LightsTrumpet Stem1:42
  • 019Rear LightsFX Stem1:42
  • 020Rear LightsBass Stem1:42
  • 021Rear LightsDrums Stem1:42
  • 022EternityMain2:07
  • 023EternityMelo Stem2:07
  • 024EternityLowend Stem2:07
  • 025EternityPercs Stem2:07
  • 026Cosmic ResonanceMain2:03
  • 027Cosmic ResonanceMelo Stem2:03
  • 028Cosmic ResonanceChoir Stem2:03
  • 029Cosmic ResonanceBass Stem2:03
  • 030Cosmic ResonanceDrums Stem2:03
  • 031Long BlakeyMain2:22
  • 032Long BlakeyMelo Stem2:22
  • 033Long BlakeyChoir Stem2:22
  • 034Long BlakeyBass Stem2:22
  • 035Long BlakeyDrums Stem2:22
  • 036Rhythmic MatrixMain1:56
  • 037Rhythmic MatrixMelo Stem1:56
  • 038Rhythmic MatrixBass Stem1:56
  • 039Rhythmic MatrixKick Stem1:56
  • 040Watching The CloudsMain1:53
  • 041Watching The CloudsGuitar Stem1:53
  • 042Watching The CloudsPianoverb Stem1:53
  • 043Watching The CloudsString Pad Stem1:53
  • 044Watching The CloudsBrass Pad Stem1:53
  • 045Watching The CloudsArp Flute Stem1:53
  • 046Watching The CloudsArp Hi Stem1:53
  • 047Watching The CloudsArp Low Stem1:53
  • 048Watching The CloudsWater Stem1:53
  • 049Starlight SailorMain2:30
  • 050Starlight SailorArps Stem2:30
  • 051Starlight SailorSynths Stem2:30
  • 052Starlight SailorMallets Stem2:30
  • 053Starlight SailorGlass Pads Stem2:30
  • 054Starlight SailorBass Stem2:30
  • 055Flying IslandsMain1:44
  • 056Flying IslandsMelo Stem1:44
  • 057Flying IslandsBass Stem1:44
  • 058Flying IslandsPercussion Stem1:44
  • 059ContinuityMain2:11
  • 060ContinuityMelo Stem2:11
  • 061ContinuityLowend Stem2:11
  • 062ContinuityDrums Stem2:11
  • 063Sneaking Into HorrorMain2:00
  • 064Sneaking Into HorrorMelo Stem2:00
  • 065Sneaking Into HorrorRadioscan Stem2:00
  • 066Sneaking Into HorrorBass Stem2:00
  • 067Sneaking Into HorrorDrums Stem2:00
  • 068LoFi TripperMain3:06
  • 069LoFi TripperPiano Delay Stem3:06
  • 070LoFi TripperPiano Dub Stem3:06
  • 071LoFi TripperBass Hi Stem3:06
  • 072LoFi TripperSub Stem3:06
  • 073LoFi TripperFX Perc Stem3:06
  • 074LoFi TripperDrums Stem3:06




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