LoFi Vibes

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LoFi Vibes HR2354

LoFi Vibes is an album full of relaxed hip hop tracks with funky bass lines and catchy beats.

Happy Records HR2354

  • 001American BoiMain2:00
  • 002American BoiNo Leads, no Vox2:00
  • 003American BoiDrums and Bass2:00
  • 004JakuziMain3:06
  • 005JakuziNo Leads, no Vox3:06
  • 006JakuziDrums and Bass3:06
  • 007HoverMain2:44
  • 008HoverNo Leads, no Vox2:44
  • 009HoverDrums and Bass2:38
  • 010Melo MeloMain1:51
  • 011Melo MeloNo Leads, no Vox1:51
  • 012Melo MeloDrums and Bass1:51
  • 013LuxuryMain3:09
  • 014LuxuryNo Leads, no Vox3:09
  • 015LuxuryDrums and Bass3:09
  • 016So LoFiMain2:38
  • 017So LoFiNo Leads, no Vox2:38
  • 018So LoFiDrums and Bass2:27
  • 019Liebe LightMain2:23
  • 020Liebe LightNo Leads, no Vox2:22
  • 021Liebe LightDrums and Bass2:22
  • 022BehebekMain2:21
  • 023BehebekNo Leads, no Vox2:21
  • 024BehebekDrums and Bass2:06




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