Beautiful South

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Beautiful South HR2353

Beautiful South is a collection of relaxed and light tracks inspired by warm summer nights and the scenic south of the Mediterranean.

Happy Records HR2353

  • 001Beautiful SouthMain2:06
  • 002Beautiful SouthUnderscore2:06
  • 003Beautiful SouthStrings Stem2:06
  • 004Coast HighwayMain2:32
  • 005Coast HighwayUnderscore2:32
  • 006Coast HighwayTuba Stem2:32
  • 007Coast HighwayAccordion Stem2:32
  • 008Coast HighwayGuitar and Piano Stem2:32
  • 009Fete FrancaiseMain1:20
  • 010Fete FrancaiseUnderscore1:20
  • 011Fete FrancaiseAccordion Stem1:20
  • 012Fete FrancaisePiano Stem1:20
  • 013Late Slow DanceMain1:54
  • 014Late Slow DanceUnderscore1:54
  • 015Late Slow DanceVibraphone Stem1:54
  • 016Late Slow DanceBass Stem1:54
  • 017Late Slow DancePiano Stem1:54
  • 018Late Slow DanceCornet and Clarinet Stem1:54
  • 019Perfectly CoolMain3:18
  • 020Perfectly CoolUnderscore3:13
  • 021Perfectly CoolDrums Stem3:13
  • 022Perfectly CoolBass Stem3:13
  • 023Perfectly CoolElectric Piano Stem3:13
  • 024Perfectly CoolSound FX Stem3:13
  • 025Perfectly CoolTrombone Stem3:13
  • 026Summer Night SkyMain2:12
  • 027Summer Night SkyUnderscore2:12
  • 028Summer Night SkyPiano Stem2:12
  • 029Summer Night SkyGuitar Stem2:12
  • 030Summer Night SkyBass Stem2:12
  • 031Summer Night SkyVibraphone Stem2:12
  • 032Summer Night SkyStrings Stem2:12
  • 033Beach WalkMain2:30
  • 034Beach WalkUnderscore2:30
  • 035Beach WalkVibraphone Stem2:30
  • 036Hot Days At The BeachMain2:26
  • 037Hot Days At The BeachUnderscore2:26
  • 038Hot Days At The BeachMallets Stem2:26
  • 039Star GazingMain2:11
  • 040Star GazingUnderscore2:11
  • 041Star GazingStrings Stem2:11
  • 042Star GazingPiano Stem2:11
  • 043Gardening GertrudMain2:08
  • 044Gardening GertrudUnderscore2:08
  • 045Tiny WavesMain1:56
  • 046Tiny WavesUnderscore1:56
  • 047Tiny WavesWoodwinds Stem1:56
  • 048Tiny WavesVibraphone Stem1:56
  • 049Tiny WavesClarinet Stem1:56
  • 050Warm NightMain2:07
  • 051Warm NightUnderscore2:07
  • 052Warm NightVibes and Piano Stem2:07




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