Piano Stories

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Piano Stories HPM4331

Calm sparse piano with emotional touches for sensitive story telling

Hitpoint Music HPM4331

  • 001Imperfect PerceptionsMain2:54
  • 002Imperfect PerceptionsSting0:17
  • 003RecollectionsMain2:55
  • 004RecollectionsPiano2:55
  • 005RecollectionsSting0:15
  • 006Awaiting ResolutionMain2:36
  • 007Awaiting ResolutionPiano2:36
  • 008Awaiting ResolutionSting0:16
  • 009Folk TalesMain2:22
  • 010Folk TalesSting0:20
  • 011First ImpressionsMain2:05
  • 012First ImpressionsPiano2:05
  • 013First ImpressionsSting0:16
  • 014Day LightsMain2:46
  • 015Day LightsPiano2:46
  • 016Day LightsSting0:12
  • 017ConvergeMain2:39
  • 018ConvergeSting0:19
  • 019UnattachedMain2:54
  • 020UnattachedSting0:23
  • 021Time Will WaitMain2:57
  • 022Time Will WaitPiano2:57
  • 023Time Will WaitSting0:08




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