Country Rock

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Country Rock BM171

Positive and upbeat country rock instrumentals featuring acoustic and twangy electric guitars.

Brilliant Music BM171

  • 001Saddle UpMain2:53
  • 002Southern ComfortMain2:15
  • 003Sunshine And SlideMain2:36
  • 004Bright HorizonsMain2:35
  • 005Golden FieldsMain2:47
  • 006Moonshine MojoMain2:19
  • 007Saddle UpUnderscore2:53
  • 008Southern ComfortUnderscore2:15
  • 009Sunshine And SlideUnderscore2:36
  • 010Bright HorizonsUnderscore2:35
  • 011Golden FieldsUnderscore2:47
  • 012Moonshine MojoUnderscore2:19
  • 013Saddle Up60 second1:00
  • 014Southern Comfort60 second1:00
  • 015Sunshine And Slide60 second1:00
  • 016Bright Horizons60 second1:00
  • 017Golden Fields60 second1:00
  • 018Moonshine Mojo60 second1:00
  • 019Saddle Up30 second0:30
  • 020Southern Comfort30 second0:30
  • 021Sunshine And Slide30 second0:30
  • 022Bright Horizons30 second0:30
  • 023Golden Fields30 second0:30
  • 024Moonshine Mojo30 second0:29
  • 025Saddle UpSting0:07
  • 026Southern ComfortSting0:09
  • 027Sunshine And SlideSting0:08
  • 028Bright HorizonsSting0:04
  • 029Golden FieldsSting0:06
  • 030Moonshine MojoSting0:06




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