Summer & Sunshine
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Summer & Sunshine

At temperatures around 30 ° true summer feeling comes up. Whether on your way to vacation, on the beach or at home on staycation, with this playlist you have the right sound for the hottest days of the year.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-13
Track count: 24
Total playing time: 60:09

  • HR2334: Chorinho Pra VoceMain2:49
    Advertising,Animals,Argentina,Beach,Branding,Brazil,Cheerful,Children,Choro,City,Cruise,Culture,Documentation,Flowers,Free time,happy,Hobby,Holidays,Landscape,Latin,Mandolin,Park,Reportage,Rural,South,America,Southern atmosphere,Summer,Travelling,Trip,urban,Zoo
  • HR2305: Es TrencMain2:30
    Advertising, Beach, Branding, Cheerful, cool, Fashion, Free time, Guitar (acoustic), Hobby, Holidays, Lounge, Southern atmosphere, Spirited, Summer, Travelling
  • LUV052: Gomer SmilesFull1:44
    Goofy awkward fish-out-of-water vacation theme. You can take the city out of the boy, but you can't oh, never mind.
  • LUV090: Flat Earth BluesFull2:28
    Proud, sassy guitar violin line over a swinging rhythm section.
  • JW2253: Summer JamMain2:00
  • HR2323: Holiday InMain3:03
    Advertising, Art, Autumn, Ballad, Branding, City, cool, Cruise, Documentation, emotional, Fjord, flowing, Flying, Forest, Free time, Guitar (acoustic), Hiking, Hobby, Holidays, Landscape, lonely, Monument, Museum, Park, pastoral, Reportage, Rivers, romantic, Sailing, Spring, Summer, Travelling, Trip
  • EM5291: Make It GreatMain3:35
    Cool retro brassy funk. Evokes music you can hear in a charity ball.
  • LUV063: Mirrorball MirageFull1:58
    Fast moving synth lines over a bed of funky guitars and piano
  • HR2334: Cidade De OuroMain2:40
    Advertising,Beach,Branding,Brazil,Cheerful,City,Closing music,Cruise,Dance-like,Documentation,Free time,happy,Hobby,Holidays,House,Opener,Party,Prelude,Reportage,Samba,South,America,Southern atmosphere,Summer,Travelling,Trip,urban,Vocal(s),Vocalise
  • LUV070: Martin DeniceFull2:04
    Laid back lounge track featuring flute and jazzy vocals
  • LUV086: Italiano CubanoFull2:23
    Driving latin piano hook kicks into a banging beat and funky horns
  • LUV052: Carnival CruisersFull2:50
    Get off the boat and walk right into a fun, tropical array of street vendors and drug dealers.
  • EM5303: Hot GazpachoMain2:40
    Traditional Spanish gypsy flamenco.
  • LUV052: Spicy NicetiesFull2:30
    Latin flavored nachos dance in a modern bean dip of rhythmic syncopation.
  • LUV086: Havana Great TimeFull2:39
    Flamenco guitar over a driving beat builds into energetic chorus hits
  • LUV083: Bouncy BobbiFull3:00
    Super upbeat number for when Aunt Betsy's cocker spaniels get let out at the reunion and start rampaging the food table.
  • HR2323: Beach TalkMain3:02
    Advertising, Autumn, Ballad, Bar, Beach, Branding, Caribbean, City, cool, Cruise, Documentation, emotional, flowing, Free time, Guitar (acoustic), Hobby, Holidays, Reggae, Reportage, Sailing, soft touch, South, Spring, Summer, Travelling, Trip
  • LUV070: MezquivelFull2:14
    Bouncy piano driven track with vibes solo
  • LUV083: Little LeroyFull1:51
    Footing tapping ukulele marimba that let's even grandpa feel like a little kid. Even if he's been acting like a kid his entire life forcing everyone else to be the parent.
  • EM5291: San Diego BayMain3:55
    Old school smooth Cuban jazzy mood.
  • SSM0005: Blue SkiesFull Mix1:42
    Grooving Synth Pads and an Electric Bass that's perfect for a Night Out, Parties, or just letting Loose
  • LUV052: Steel ThumbsFull2:28
    Laid back steel drums with 808 drum accents lets you keep chillin' while everyone else is billin'.
  • JW2247: Sign Of LifeMain2:30
  • LUV083: Thoughtful ThomFull1:34
    Upbeat little ditty that makes you put your hand on your chin and think about the good old days.




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