Top 10 Space & Sound Music
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Top 10 Space & Sound Music

The Top 10 tracks from our Canadian partner label Space & Sound Music.


Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2018-10-03
Track count: 11
Total playing time: 20:47

  • SSM0190: Clear SkyFull Mix2:08
    Hope Never Dies is a collection of beautifully crafted building emotional orchestral compositions. Breaks at :23/1:06/151 Key a min
  • SSM0170: Howdy BuddyFull Mix2:08
    Do a silly dance with this wacky and fun track which features curious strings and animated woodwinds. Key: C Maj.
  • SSM0006: Positive OutlookFull Mix1:40
    An Uplifting Driving Indie Beat great for any Summery occasion
  • SSM0069: Dust-UpFull Mix2:02
    This summery track features big guitars and body moving drums to make you feel free.
  • SSM0060: The Waiting RoomFull Mix1:18
    Ominous tones that create tension, anticipation, and dramatic intrigue.
  • SSM0076: StrutNo Spoken Word Phrase3:00
    Big break beats mixed with electronic elements
  • SSM0155: Smelly SocksFull Mix1:04
    Look for trouble with this bouncy and lighthearted track, featuring fun mallets and playful drums. Key: c min.
  • SSM0193: Hipster60sec1:00
    Hipster combines big massive stomps and claps, vocal shouts, driving acoustic guitars and mandolin.
  • SSM0176: Sunny Day StrollFull Mix2:12
    This collection of lofi/chillhop tracks combines ambient textures with Lofi Hip Hop beats. Key a min
  • SSM0114: Serious Undertaking SSMFull Mix1:37
    Dark synths and industrial textures create a dystopian feel.
  • SSM0136: Electric FlairFull Mix2:38
    Dreamy side-chained pads, empowering synth lines, and a steady beat will make you feel on top of the world.




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