Top 10 Jambaar Library
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Top 10 Jambaar Library

The Top 10 tracks from our French partner label Jambaar Library.


Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2018-10-03
Track count: 10
Total playing time: 32:14

  • JMB 1012: DiscoveryMain4:10
    Urban trap beat with deep chords and a heavenly pad intro. Bewitching synths, long pads and percussive drums. Calm and majestic. Key: A minor
  • JMB 1034: LakeshoreMain2:02
    Sweet and charming indietronica with bright synths, bouncy drum kit and radiant melodies for a dreamy and carefree atmosphere. Positive, inspiring and playful. BPM 123. Electro, pop, house, sunny, cool, cute, girly, lifestyle
  • JMB 1008: Urban WorkoutMain3:00
    Urban trap with tense and menacing synths over a bouncy and energetic drum kit. Swagger, attitude and determination
  • JMB 1012: The PlanesMain3:39
    Trap/urban beat with an angelic synth and a deep calm voice fx. Peacefull and reflective. Key: A minor
  • JMB 1030: GodspeedMain3:00
    Futuristic pop with a catchy synth, driven by lively stepping drums. Deep and bouncy basslines. Dreamy and epic. BPM 120, Key: G minor
  • JMB 1002: FunambuleUnderscore3:53
    Relaxed and groovy Urban/ Cloud Hip Hop.Underscore version with floating synths.
  • JMB 1035: Jazz HoppinMain2:12
    Dreamy and inspiring jazzy hip hop with punchy drum kit, soulful horns and a vibrant electric piano. Reflective and groovy, perfect for a nocturnal ride through the city. BPM 100, Key C# Major
  • JMB 1039: South BorderMain2:27
    Bluesy, hopeful and adventurous beat with slick soothing guitar, driving drum kit and a groovy bassline for a dramedy / road movie feeling. Cool, laid back and dreamy. BPM 94, Key Amin
  • JMB 1030: DetroitUnderscore4:54
    Energetic and confident electronic pop with punchy drum kit and somber synths. Lively, thrilling and mysterious. Key: A Minor, BPM 93
  • JMB 1037: One LifeMain2:57
    Powerful and motivational stadium electro with supercharged brass, human chants and breathing fx carried by a hard hitting tribal kit. Uplifting, high energy and triumphant. BPM 115, Key A# Major.




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