Light & Sunny
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Light & Sunny

Summer is here: meet friends, eat a delicious ice cream and enjoy the sun. With these light and airy tracks, the good mood comes all by itself!

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-12
Track count: 18
Total playing time: 39:35

  • LUV139: Ocean EyesALT3 MinimalMix12:06
    Stabby funk guitar, punchy drums, light as air female vox. Did we mention saxy sex man makes an appearance?
  • LUV139: If You Want Me ToALT1 NoVocals2:12
    Fast but smooth rhythm section with vocals that are groovy, grown, and sexy.
  • HPM4328: Promise TonightInstrumental2:34
    Funky pop song with male lead vocal and rap from 1.18 on themes of love, relationships and confidence.
  • EM5330: Vegan PopMain2:27
    Cool and positive electro pop with catchy guitar theme, determined beat and claps.
  • LUV139: You Got My HeartALT1 NoVocals2:08
    House pop at it's finest with the perfect female vocal line.
  • LUV137: You Got Me Feeling Good NowALT1 NoVocals2:04
    Funky bassline, house-y beat, and bubbly flirty female vocals.
  • LUV131: Make It ReignFULL2:12
    Syncopated, driving drums under soaring guitar lines.
  • LUV135: America's Next Pop ModelALT1 NoVocalsNoLeads2:11
    Driving guitars with giant drums an energetically pop vocal line!
  • LUV137: I Like The Way You Look At MeALT1 NoVocals1:55
    Pushy beats, disco-flavored guitars, and spoiled female vocals full of brattitude.
  • HPM4311: Summers GoneNo Vox2:20
    Fresh bright pop with strong beat and uplifting strings hook.
  • LUV116: Welcome Back to My ChannelALT1 NoVox2:12
    Bouncy, fun track perfect some serious Mac and Bumble demos.
  • EM5330: Modern PopAlternative Version2:58
    Catchy and motivational electro pop with anthemic synth theme and confident drums.
  • LUV116: Treat Yo SelfFULL1:56
    Light, little bleeps and pizzicato strings bleep and blip their way over a stutter beat.
  • EM5330: Serene PopMain2:48
    Positive and determined electro pop with catchy guitar theme, and lively synth arp.
  • LUV131: Be OmnipresentFULL2:21
    Soft dreamy intro swells into driving indie pop.
  • LUV137: You Got Me Feeling Good Now30 NoVocals0:37
    Funky bassline, house-y beat, and bubbly flirty female vocals.
  • LUV133: Ibiza BreezeALT2 NoDrums2:12
    Cool mellow marimbas break into a monstrous banger that makes you forgot about the sand in your mankini.
  • LUV139: You Got Me Fallin'ALT1 NoVocals2:22
    Laidback luv jam perfect for late night college hook ups.




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