Time, Monotony & Patience
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Time, Monotony & Patience

Time - partly monotonous and endlessly repeating and yet omnipresent. Reduced tracks with a focus on time, duration and reflection.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-05
Track count: 24
Total playing time: 46:35

  • TM030: Tick Tock Toy BoxMain2:15
    Playful clockwork percussion and mischievous pizzicato strings with a building instrumental arrangement and an uplifting key change
  • TM030: Like ClockworkMain2:21
    Quirky toy instrumentation with tick-tock melodies and sparse pianoƊ
  • HPM4231: Piano ClockMain1:08
    Tension building super sparse solo piano, creating an atmosphere of time pressure and drama.
  • HPM4231: Thinking NowMain1:55
    Cool and quirky clock bed for literal time countdown.
  • HPM4308: Seconds To SpareMain2:43
    Fast paced Vegas bed with ticking clocks, a sense of hurrying and time pressure.
  • EM5329: Some Yards BeforeMain2:42
    Slow and dreamy trip hop track with synth arp, high synth pad and light drum machine. Calm and positive.
  • EM5329: Some Yards BeforeNo Percs2:42
    Slow and dreamy trip hop track with synth arp, high synth pad and light drum machine. Calm and positive.
  • JW2303: Cycles60 Second Edit1:00
    A bright and exciting orchestral track with playful piano, marimba and pizzicato strings.
  • EM5332: Lucky Number ThirteenLight Mix1:32
    Mischievous and kiddy acoustic bed with repeated syncopated piano theme.
  • EM5332: History MakerMain2:02
    Mysterious and investigation light mood with suspenseful piano arp. Elegant and ethereal.
  • EM5333: The Tipping PointMain1:43
    Mysterious and suspenseful delicate dramedy theme with sad piano theme and ticking guitar.
  • SSM0194: Dreamin' in the ForestAlt Mix No Piano Lead2:50
    Minimal Minds is a collection of textured propelling underscore. By having a constant state of forward momentum these tracks are great to keep your story moving but still work under dialog. Key a min
  • JW2214: Summer RainMain2:46
  • HPM4190: Clock WatchingNo Strings1:32
    Exciting fun and choppy orchestral suspense with ticking clock, evoking time pressure and competition.
  • BM119: The TimekeeperMain2:01
    Spacious and psychedelic, featuring floating synth bass, electric guitar and tick tocks creating a mystifying, trippy mood.
  • LUV128: ExurbiaSTEM03 Percussion1:52
    Fast moving mallets weave around a determined syncopated beat.
  • LUV128: ExurbiaSTEM01 Drums1:52
    Fast moving mallets weave around a determined syncopated beat.
  • HPM4191: PatienceMain1:41
    Suspenseful ticking orchestral underscore with a sense of time clocks and steady pressure.
  • HPM4192: Industrial ScienceMain1:24
    Dramatic suspense futuristic soundscape, conjuring high energy and investigative environments.
  • HPM4214: TickerMain1:24
    Fast ticking flickering electronica bright underscore, evoking time passing, development, and anticipation.
  • EM5329: New Way HomeMain2:00
    Investigation and technology mood with repetitive mixing synth arp slowly growing.
  • EM5323: Cheesy Cha ChaMain1:37
    Easy jazzy bossa-nova underscore with naive double bass pattern.
  • EM5332: Perfect RideNo Piano2:06
    Delicate acoustic bed with repeated piano and staccato violins. Elegant with a touch of mystery.
  • EM5328: Softly determinedUnderscore (No Piano No Guitar)1:27
    Positive ticking dramedy acoustic theme with repeated piano, jazzy drums and strumming guitar.




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