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With the cold season you automatically connect Christmas. Whether traditional, modern or unusual, with these tracks you have the right background for the Advent and the Christmas season.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-07
Track count: 35
Total playing time: 1:21:16

  • EM5311: Happy Family XmasMain2:09
    Small acoustic farmer band playing Christmas music. Quirky and warm.
  • HR2325: Andachtsjodler (Yodel Prayer)Main2:31
    Advent, Advertising, Austria, Branding, ceremonial, Christmas, Church, Clarinet, Ride, contempative, Culture, Documentation, emotional, Forest, Germany, Hiking, Landscape, Mountains, nostalgic, Nostalgia, pastoral, Reportage, Switzerland, Winter
  • HR2268: St. Nikolaus kommtMain1:55
    Advent, Children, Christmas, contempative, Winter
  • AAM513: Christmas In ShadesMain0:29
    Mid tempo, mysterious bluesy Christmas, electric guitar melody
  • JW2214: Cheeky SneakyMain1:35
  • HPM4297: The Story BeginsChristmas Mix1:19
    Charming and magical orchestral opener with sweeping melody, evoking idyllic homes and the start of great adventures. Also with Christmas mix.
  • HR2325: Macht hoch die Tür (Lift Up Your Heads Ye Mighty G.)Main4:00
    Advent, Advertising, Bassoon, Branding, Christmas, Church, Clarinet, contempative, Culture, Documentation, elegiac, emotional, festive, Germany, Guitar (electric), Pop, Reportage, Winter
  • HPM4298: Classic Movie ChristmasMain2:44
    Enchanting sweeping orchestral score at bright tempo, evoking traditional Christmas scenes and winter landscapes.
  • AAM513: Christmas LightsMain2:02
    Mid tempo, warm, caring, good times, Christmas
  • HPM4297: SpellboundChristmas Mix2:02
    Sparkling magical orchestra theme, evoking Victorian mystery, fairy tales, and magical children's entertainment. Also with Christmas mix.
  • EM5311: Rocking XmasMain2:19
    1950's swing rock live band playing Christmas theme.
  • BM138: Christmas Party TimeUnderscore3:37
    Spirited and stimulating, featuring bouncy saxophone, sleigh bells and electric guitar creating a fanciful, cheery mood.
  • JW2306: MiracleFull2:36
    This moody, introspective track features a bass guitar, gentle vocals and lots of Christmas bells. A perfect track for slow building, thoughtful scenes.
  • BM061: We Wish You a Merry ChristmasFull1:07
    Solo piano version of We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  • HR2325: Leise rieselt der Schnee (Snow Falls Soft In The N.)Main2:22
    Advent, Advertising, Ballad, Bassoon, Branding, Christmas, Church, City, Clarinet, contempative, Culture, Documentation, emotional, festive, Fireplace, flowing, Germany, Landscape, Reportage, Winter
  • HR2268: Stille NachtMain3:08
  • EM5311: Holy Trap NightMain1:59
    Sweet and delicate lullaby Christmas theme remixed into slow and loud electro trap.
  • HR2325: Leise rieselt der Schneewithout Drums2:22
    Advent, Advertising, Ballad, Bassoon, Branding, Christmas, Church, City, Clarinet, contempative, Culture, Documentation, emotional, festive, Fireplace, flowing, Germany, Landscape, Reportage, Winter
  • BM113: Christmas Is ComingUnderscore2:36
    Bright and satisfied, featuring bouncy piano, electric guitar and glockenspiel that create a dynamic, positive mood.
  • HR2325: In Dulci JubiloMain2:55
    Advent, Advertising, Ballad, Bassoon, Biblical, Branding, Christmas, Church, Clarinet, contempative, Culture, Documentation, emotional, festive, Germany, Landscape, Monument, Museum, nostalgic, Nostalgia, Reportage, Stroll, Winter
  • EM5311: Punky XmasMain1:51
    Christmas theme played by punk rock. Fast, powerful and fun.
  • HR2325: Lasst uns froh und ... (Let us be happy and cheerful)Main2:24
    Advent, Advertising, Bassoon, Branding, cheerful, Children, Christmas, Church, Clarinet, Culture, Dancing-like, Documentation, flowing, Free time, Germany, happy, Hobby, nostalgic, Nostalgia, Pop, Reportage, Winter
  • HR2343: Like ClockworkUnderscore2:04
    Lively and curious track with pizzicato strings and woodwinds.
  • LUV047: Dainty DelilahAlternate 11:32
    Melancholy soft piano, plucked strings which build into magical strings and bells.
  • EM5311: Xmas At LastMain3:21
    Christmas orchestral theme with choir remixed into powerful electro French touch.
  • HR2268: Süßer die Glocken nie klingenMain2:08
    Advent, Christmas, contempative
  • JW2306: Bob SleighFull2:26
    An upbeat, happy pop song led with acoustic guitar, featuring sleigh bells throughout to add a Christmas theme.
  • AAM513: SimplicityMain2:00
    Slow to mid tempo, Christmas, family gatherings, love, comfortable, warm, caring
  • HPM4297: Almost TimeChristmas Mix2:05
    Busy and twinkling orchestra in Hollywood classic adventure movie style, with elegant strings and magical woodwind flourishes. Also with Christmas mix.
  • LUV047: The InventorAlternate 12:03
    Christmas-y bells and tines develop into a gorgeous, mysterious soundtrack.
  • HR2325: Es ist ein Ros entspr. (Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming)Main4:26
    Advent, Advertising, Ballad, Biblical, Branding, Christmas, Church, contempative, Culture, Documentation, emotional, festive, Flowers, Flute, Germany, Guitar (acoustic), Landscape, majestic, Monument, Nature, pastoral, Reportage, Winter
  • HR2268: Morgen kommt der WeihnachtsmannMain2:22
    Advent, cheerful, Children, Christmas
  • HR2268: Christmas LullabyMain2:01
    Advent, ceremonial, Christmas, contempative, festive, Lullaby, measured
  • EM5311: Future XmasUnderscore2:24
    Traditional Christmas theme remixed into slow and powerful electro pop.
  • HR2268: Kling GlöckchenMain2:22
    Advent, Children, Christmas, contempative, Music box, Winter




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