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Japan - the land of the rising sun. With these tracks you will experience the traditional side of Japan: between geishas, tea ceremonies and Japanese gardens.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-17
Track count: 18
Total playing time: 42:54

  • EM5331: Samurai MaskMain2:20
    Zen and mysterious Japanese music with meditative and aerial shakuachi, koto and shamisen.
  • HPM4245: Japan MorningMain1:39
    Melodic and flowing tradiational Japanese instruments, inspiring adventure, cultural awakening and experience.
  • HPM4245: Japan TraditionMain2:06
    Intense Japanese scene setting track, evoking traditional dramatic Asian landscapes, suspenseful moods, and deep respect for culture.
  • EM5331: Okinawan IslandsTraditional instruments4:02
    Ethereal and inspiring meditative Japanese mood with pads, shakuachi and aerial piano.
  • EM5331: Nanzenji TempleMain5:11
    Mystic and zen Japanese atmosphere with aerial shakuachi and pads and mellow piano.
  • HPM4245: Tokyo SunriseNo Perc1:25
    Traditional Japanese instruments for authentic scene setting, conjuring peace, spirituality, mystery and intrigue.
  • EM5331: Mount KuranaNo Shakuhachi2:25
    Powerful and percussive Japanese mood with determined koto and big taikos and perc.
  • HPM4136: Japan NeutralMain1:33
    Gentle and serene Japanese traditional soundscape, of sunrise, wellbeing, and contemplation.
  • EM5331: Sakari TreeMain1:33
    Traditional shakuhachi solo.
  • EM5331: Symbol Of LongevityNo Shakuhachi3:08
    Mysterious and meditative Japanese traditional mood with elegant koto and shamisen.
  • EM5331: Lucky BambooMain2:09
    Traditional shamisen solo.
  • EM5331: Shisendo TempleMain3:13
    Peaceful and mysterious traditional zen Japanese music with koto, shamisen and shakuhachi.
  • EM5331: War And GlorySoft Version2:05
    Epic and tense Japanese action drama. Dark, intense and sport.
  • SMA71: Nippon MoonMain1:52
    calm, emotional, Far East, Flute, Japan, Landscape, romantic, Xylophone
  • EM5331: Love LockMain1:47
    Inspiring and meditative koto solo.
  • HPM4245: Japan PictureMain1:40
    Suspenseful percussion bed with authentic Japanese instruments, evoking early mornings and adventures in Asia.
  • EM5331: Smoke Of IncenseMain2:26
    Traditional shakuhachi solo.
  • EM5331: Samurai MaskNo Koto Tremolo No Shakuhachi2:20
    Zen and mysterious Japanese music with meditative and aerial shakuachi, koto and shamisen.




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