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Whether paintings, sculptures or fine art: inspiring tracks and soundscapes reflect the current zeitgeist and accompany every exhibition with the right sound.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-16
Track count: 29
Total playing time: 1:01:29

  • JW2296: Shapes In LightUnderscore2:58
    A dreamy, playful electronic track.
  • HPM4292: BubblesSparse1:55
    Light hearted fresh urban soundscape with live recorded sounds, for cool and quirky fashion, tech innovation and lifestyle branding.
  • HR2345: A Happy LifeUnderscore1:50
    Beautiful and moving sounds for landscapes and nature.
  • JW2296: Machine LearningUnderscore2:37
    A mysterious, intriguing electronic track that builds with synth strings.
  • EM5332: Lucky Number ThirteenLight Mix1:32
    Mischievous and kiddy acoustic bed with repeated syncopated piano theme.
  • LUV128: DiagrammaticALT2 NoDrums2:04
    Soft organs pulse behind modern percussion and hopeful synth risers.
  • EM5332: History MakerAlt Mix2:02
    Mysterious and investigation light mood with suspenseful piano arp. Elegant and ethereal.
  • JW2296: Love By DesignUnderscore2:16
    A mysterious track with metallic, percussive beats.
  • TM023: Nordic SpringMain2:35
    A gentle romantic piano and string ballad
  • HPM4292: Boppy SlideMain1:40
    Slow and gritty modern soundtrack with urban found sounds, for innovative fashion and creative science tech branding.
  • LUV128: FenestrationALT1 NoVoxNoLead2:00
    Chill plucks casually hang out at the pool next to a rad synth line drinking a vodka tonic.
  • JW2296: Heart LinesUnderscore2:50
    A ticking electronic track with ambient synths.
  • BM136: Dance Of LifeMain2:53
    Lucent and alluring, featuring gleaming dulcimer, mallets and piano creating a fanciful, heartwarming mood.
  • HPM4292: HeistSparse1:30
    Mysterious ambient cityscape soundtrack, evoking urban scenes of futuristic technology.
  • JW2296: Artifical AffectionFull2:43
    Ambient, percussive, electronic beats with bright piano.
  • LUV128: Genius LociSTEM06 ArpHi1:44
    Determined real-not-real mallets get pushed through the atmosphere of digital fog.
  • EM5332: Soft TransitionMain1:58
    Light and peaceful acoustic mood with delicate felt piano arp. Elegant and delicate.
  • LUV128: CorbusianALT2 NoDrums1:50
    Sparse wavering keys set the pace for a halftime beat and fuzzy synths.
  • HPM4292: Hazy HillsMain1:56
    Mysterious and futuristic soundtrack evoking modern Japanese urban landscapes, technology, and emptiness.
  • EM5323: On The DocksMain2:05
    Groovy and feelgood jazzy underscore.
  • HPM4292: Building BlocksSparse2:07
    Slow and enchanting ambient soundscape with live recorded urban noise, creating a sense of motion, drift, and development in edgy fashion and the urban environment.
  • BM136: Pine Forest DawnMain2:51
    Vibrant and pleasant, featuring spacious piano and dulcimer creating a stimulating, dainty mood.
  • EM5332: Lucky Number ThirteenAlt Mix1:32
    Mischievous and kiddy acoustic bed with repeated syncopated piano theme.
  • BM136: Haunted HouseMain2:27
    Trippy and tense, featuring subtle piano and strings creating a lulling, mysterious mood.
  • EM5332: Flying With MeAlt Mix1:42
    Cheerful and simple acoustic dramedy mood with bouncy piano and strings.
  • LUV128: Genius LociSTEM07 ArpLow1:44
    Determined real-not-real mallets get pushed through the atmosphere of digital fog.
  • EM5332: Save The Blue PlanetAlt Mix1:52
    Melancholic and beautiful acoustic documentary mood with felt piano and staccato strings.
  • EM5332: Positive OutlookAlt Mix2:04
    Aerial and hopeful dramedy mood with felt piano arp and delicate staccato strings.
  • LUV128: BrutalismALT2 NoDrums2:12
    Hopeful guitars float over a sundown beat and cloudburst synths.




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