Sports - Preparation Is The Key
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Sports - Preparation Is The Key

Good preparation and training are the key to success: music for training, concentration, statistics and after the competition.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-10
Track count: 13
Total playing time: 24:22

  • HPM4251: ConspiracySparse2:07
    Hard hitting hybrid suspense bed with mystery vibe, building intensity for sports competition and feisty urban culture.
  • HPM4251: Trying ThingsMain Section1:17
    Lively hip hop hybrid bed leading to chorus from 1.08, for sports action energy, urban environments and video games.
  • EM5257: After The EndMain2:49
    Emotional Elec. Gtr. with electro rock rhythmic. Linkin Park's way.
  • HPM4250: Return Of The ChampionNo Beats2:17
    Uplifting emotional modern orchestral, evoking success, achievement and progress in personal stories.
  • HPM4251: Da BiznessUnspooky2:10
    Dark and authentic hip hop beat, for sports action, ultimate competition and edgy urban moments.
  • HPM4251: BetrayalSparse1:40
    Energetic and building suspense with dramatic punchy drums, for powerful promos, reality shows, extreme sports and urban drama.
  • HPM4251: TerritoryLess Brass1:37
    Epic punchy tension building track, for action sports scenes and dramatic reality show confrontations.
  • HPM4180: MoviestarMain0:55
    Energetic and upbeat pop track for trendy fashion and lifestyle advertisements.
  • HPM4251: ScrutinizeSparse1:34
    Suspenseful modern orchestral hip hop hybrid with vocal effect, evoking personal journeys with fierce competition, intensity, and passion.
  • HPM4250: Return Of The ChampionMain2:17
    Uplifting emotional modern orchestral, evoking success, achievement and progress in personal stories.
  • HPM4250: How We Do ItOrchestra1:41
    Powerful percussive punchy modern orchestral beat, for ultimate energy in competition hype, sports action and battles.
  • HPM4250: Rookie ProbowlerNo Drums2:18
    Suspense filled modern hybrid build up, for upcoming sports competition, training montages, stories of past victories and overcoming the odds.
  • HPM4250: Glory AwaitsNo Orchestra1:40
    Suspenseful cinematic opening leads to 0.42 tension inducing hip hop beat with modern orchestra, for epic showdowns, tension and drama in US sports.




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