Night Tales
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Night Tales

Night Tales tells the stories that happen when it gets dark: relaxed through the night with lounge and ambient sounds. Whether you are in a bar late at night or you drive through the illuminated city. Here are some floating, ethereal sounds and chillout vibes.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-14
Track count: 21
Total playing time: 1:04:15

  • EM5306: Great QuietMain2:35
    Dreamy and zen chill-out mood with aerial synths and Rhodes.
  • EM5306: Nightly EscapeMain2:20
    Mystic and mysterious ambiance with aerial synth and drums. Dreamy and peaceful.
  • EM5306: Luminous HeavenMain2:55
    Mind-blowing ambiance with aerial synths and Fx.
  • BM129: Hidden LandsMain2:47
    Smooth and pensive, featuring dreamy piano, soprano sax and beats creating an understated, chilled mood.
  • SSM0002: Strolling Through The City at NightFull Mix2:00
    A Syncopated Electronic Groove that perfect for building Drama and Mystery
  • EM5247: Princesa De VirgoMain2:45
    Accordion intro with acoustic gtr. & perc. / accordion theme @ 0:19 / acoustic gtr. theme @ 1:29 / back to accordion theme @ 2:02
  • BM129: Columbine FlowersAmbient Mix2:25
    Warm and passionate, featuring mellow female oohs-aahs, violin and hand claps creating a calming, laid-back mood.
  • ZEN012: Are You Dreaming?Main3:11
    Delayed piano, electric gtr. & synths / Electric gtr. Theme @ 0:46 / Perc. @ 1:52
  • EM5247: Nu FadoMain3:18
    Acoustic gtr. with perc. & accordion intro / continuous accordion theme from 0:22 / bass @ 0:24 & drums @ 0:49
  • EM5247: Milonga SensualMain3:17
    Perc. & acoustic gtr. intro/ accordion theme @ 0:22 / back to theme @ 0:56 with gtr. conterpoint / acoustic gtr. theme @ 1:30
  • HR2338: Sparkling CreekCello with Synth2:56
    Advertising, Art, Astronomy, Autumn, Ballet, Branding, Calm, Castles, Cello, Classical music, Coach ride, Contemplative, Culture, Dignified, Documentation, Drama, Dramatic, Dusk and dawn, Expanse, Fireplace, Fjord, Flowers, Flowing, Flying, Fog, Forest, Heath, Hiking, History, Holidays, Impression, Landscape, Lonely, Lounge, Majestic, Measured, Meditation, Meditative, Monument, Mountain landscape, Museum, Mysterious, Nature, Nostalgic, Nostaliga, Oasis, Palaces, Park, Piano, Reportage Retro, Revue, Rivers, Rural, Sailing, Sea voyage, Spring, Stroll, Summer, Sunrise and sunset, Temple, Travelling, Trip, Vintage, Wellness, Zeitraffer, chill out, relaxed, smooth
  • ZEN012: Fantasy WorldMain3:39
    Synths, electro fx, vibraphone & drums
  • SSM0002: A RetrospectiveFull Mix1:42
    A relaxing Electronic beat with a light touch of piano perfect for building a sense of Drama
  • BM129: The Beauty InsideMain2:43
    Dreamy and serene, featuring hazy electric bass, soprano sax and beats creating a swaggering, heavenly mood.
  • BM129: Down The RiverMain3:12
    Dreamy and ethereal, featuring atmospheric keyboards, violin and synth pads creating a relaxed mood.
  • JW2273: Inner CourageMain2:31
    A gorgeous, ambient cinematic track with a simultaneously bittersweet and hopeful tone.
  • HR2305: Imperial StatementMain2:39
    Advertising, Branding, cool, Dreamy, Eroticism, Evening mood, Fashion, Lounge, Romantic, Saxophone, soft, touch
  • BM081: Larco MarNo Sea Sfx4:50
    Spacious and floating with chill out elements, featuring warm keyboards and synthesizer that create a hip, feel-good mood.
  • BM081: Paradise LoungeInstrumental4:09
    Warm and hypnotic, featuring pleasant synthesizer and electric guitar that create a spacey, calming mood.
  • BM081: SlowInstrumental3:25
    Sleek and mellow with smooth jazz elements, featuring warm keyboards and acoustic guitar that create a fulfilled, soothing mood.
  • BM081: LaxusInstrumental4:56
    Warm and calming, featuring spacious synthesizer that creates a dreamy, soothing mood.




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