Top 10 Thermal Music
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Top 10 Thermal Music

The Top 10 tracks from our British partner label Thermal Music.


Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2018-10-04
Track count: 10
Total playing time: 29:05

  • TM020: Praying For RainMain2:49
    A bright, feelgood track full of positivity with an uplifting ending - chopped vocals and chilled breaks
  • TM023: MunroMain2:57
    Driving string melodies and strong rhythmic motifs. A sense of wonderment and discovery
  • TM021: Tiny ThoughtsMain2:09
    Weaving piano, gentle motifs, peculiar sound design, and soft, quick percussion
  • TM022: RuggedMain3:19
    Synth pad and ambient sound effects build with melodic arpeggios and industrial breakbeat
  • TM024: SunriseMain2:26
    Ethereal, calming guitar reverse loops and synth pads, building to include piano and orchestral string crescendo
  • TM019: ShapeshifterMain2:47
    dreamlike, eerie woodwinds with climactic guitars and spacious sound design
  • TM007: Until The SunMain3:41
    Gentle atmospheric ambient track
  • TM012: Lovely LandscapeMain2:27
    Soothing, sunkissed finger picked guitar piece
  • TM009: LevitationMain3:34
    Epic orchestral cue reflecting determination, struggle and achievement - continually builds to climactic ending
  • TM014: Anxious InsideMain2:56
    Stark synth pads, cold, twisted sound design and ghostly strings with a backdrop of delicate ticking percussion




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