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Fashion and lifestyle are a big topic, not just in summer. Whether Milan, Paris or Berlin, with these songs you are at home on all catwalks of the fashion world.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-21
Track count: 23
Total playing time: 53:41

  • EM5289: Tune Me upMain3:01
    Electro - disco funky track. French touch inside.
  • JW2252: Pool BarMain2:21
  • HPM4242: Knock OutMain1:45
    Energetic punchy modern pop disco funk groove hook, for dynamic fashion and lifestyle adverts.
  • EM5292: Trendy grooverMain3:22
    Electro summer sound : happy and dancing.
  • LUV101: NauticaFull2:56
    Mysterious piano over big hip hop beats allow you to wonder: "who still shops at this store?"
  • JW2285: TonightInstrumental2:04
    Bright, hopeful hip-hop with elements of trap.
  • JW2284: Happy LandInstrumental2:30
    Quirky, slow hip hop beats that remix samples of Happy Links from JW Vault album JWV-0117.
  • SSM0078: Carefree DaysFull Mix2:28
    Fun, light, Upbeat feel good EDM grooves
  • JW2284: Raunchy StereoFull2:22
    A super funky track that remixes samples of original 70s funk track Raunchy from JW album JW-2081.
  • HPM4161: NakedNo Vox No Top Line1:40
    Energetic driving modern clean pop for Ibiza nights and summer adventures.
  • HPM4181: Petro FlipperMain1:23
    Energetic and inspiring dance track for reality show moments of motivation, hard work and moving on.
  • LUV101: Juicy CoutureFull2:29
    Bright, poppy guitars hang perfectly over driving drums and perky synths, making your butt look great in these sweatpants.
  • HPM4241: Shake ShakeMain2:07
    Lively driving pop track featuring tribal drums and vocal chops, for sports promo and funky urban fashion.
  • EM5292: Shining happinessMain2:56
    Sunny happy dancing electro. Summer mood.
  • LUV081: Change NoseFull2:05
    Slinky beat-driven bass synth lines.
  • JW2252: The House MasterMain2:10
  • LUV081: Old GravyFull2:13
    Laidback beats with sexy vocal hits, organ, and wah-wah stabs.
  • JW2285: Real TingInstrumental2:20
    A fresh, electronic grime track with trap influences.
  • HPM4181: Reality OneMain1:27
    Pulsating and futuristic EDM with vocal effect, creating a mood of agitation, build up and anticipation.
  • HPM4161: Save ItNo Vocal1:48
    Upbeat happy modern pop tune for cheery reality television and uplifting advertisements.
  • HPM4242: Back To The FutureMain2:09
    Hypnotic EDM track at steady tempo, for Ibiza clubs, flashing lights and the energy of youth.
  • EM5289: Love And PizzMain3:02
    Positive electro lounge sound with some jazzy harmony.
  • JW2252: SundazeMain3:03




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