Stay Positive!
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Stay Positive!

Here are songs that help us to get through this situation with a smile on our face. Let the positive energy in to your home.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-10
Track count: 50
Total playing time: 1:45:43

  • LUV053: Dad is Having FunFull2:17
    Happy little ditty that will make you wiggle your toes in the sand.
  • JW2289: Bright SmilesFull1:33
    A fun, percussive, indie folk track with melodic vocal oohs.
  • JW2253: Manhattan GirlMain2:01
  • EM5316: Just Take It EasyMain2:48
    Jazz soul song with sensual female lead voice, mellow choir and groovy rhythmic.
  • JW2284: Jawbone Big BeatsFull2:34
    A funky breakbeat track that remixes samples of Jawbone from JW-2099.
  • JW2284: Happy LandFull2:30
    Quirky, slow hip hop beats that remix samples of Happy Links from JW Vault album JWV-0117.
  • LUV073: LSD SoundsystemFull2:35
    Needling guitar line lays over a driving dance-rock anthem.
  • JW2289: Get Some EnergyFull2:01
    A bright, celebratory indie pop track packed full of hope.
  • JW2282: Building The BarnMain2:11
    Beautiful fingerpicked guitar melodies with light, emotive strings and kick-drum beat.
  • EM5316: Looking For A Real LoveMain3:19
    Confident soul song with 1990 dance synth, jazzy female lead voice and funky guitar.
  • JW2262: Happy DaysMain1:53
  • LUV082: Dream Theme From TaxiFull2:11
    Laid back 70's keyboard riffs build into Modern, Party, Club, Urban, Hip, Sports, High Energy, Fashion, Celebrity, Glamour, Luxury, Adventure, Punchy, Dynamic, Energetic, Driving, Powerful synth chorus
  • HR2334: Cidade De OuroMain2:40
    Advertising,Beach,Branding,Brazil,Cheerful,City,Closing music,Cruise,Dance-like,Documentation,Free time,happy,Hobby,Holidays,House,Opener,Party,Prelude,Reportage,Samba,South,America,Southern atmosphere,Summer,Travelling,Trip,urban,Vocal(s),Vocalise
  • HR2334: MarapendiMain3:10
    Advertising,Beach,Branding,Brazil,Cheerful,City,Cruise,Dance-like,Documentation,Fender,Rhodes,Flugelhorn,Free time,happy,Hobby,Holidays,Party,Reportage,Samba,South,America,Southern atmosphere,Summer,Travelling,Trip,urban,Vocalise
  • HR2334: Red Moon SkyMain3:38
    Advertising,Beach,Branding,Brazil,Cheerful,City,Club,Cruise,Disco,Documentation,Flowing,Free time,Funky,Guitar (electric),happy,Hobby,Holidays,Latin,Party,Reportage,Samba,South,America,Southern atmosphere,Summer,Traffic,Travelling,Trip,Trumpet,urban,Vocalise
  • JW2267: Shake On DownMain1:41
    Bright, busy electro swing with scat vocal samples.
  • LUV090: Tightrope DanceFull2:51
    Fast-paced jazz number featuring a smoking hot accordion solo.
  • LUV090: Gypsy BluesFull2:10
    Determined violin line over swinging bass line and jazz drum brushes.
  • JW2262: Sway ItMain1:41
  • HPM4127: Delta JamMain1:32
    Retro eighties funk track with strong beats and a happy mood, for upbeat entertainment and branding.
  • LUV093: Live Til You DieFull2:02
    Exciting horns jump start a swinging jazz number.
  • HPM4132: Bump N GoMain0:54
    Light and jolly ukulele folk tune for summertime happiness, new beginnings, the great outdoors, adventure and seaside holidays.
  • JW2284: Raunchy StereoFull2:22
    A super funky track that remixes samples of original 70s funk track Raunchy from JW album JW-2081.
  • MM 004: Olvera MorningFull Mix2:23
    Uplifting modern pop track with piano riff. Think 'Here Comes The Sun-shine'
  • HPM4149: Hot MachineMain1:57
    Happy and fresh 1970s disco track for dancing, carefree fun and LA driving, chorus at 0.49 and 1.38.
  • HPM4163: ChampionsMain1:35
    Strong electro pop track evoking sports energy, youth challenges and beach parties.
  • HPM4163: Tropic LoverMain1:53
    Ibiza beach party energy inspiring dance and summer memories.
  • MM 003: El CompadreFull Mix1:44
    Latin surf track with horns. Think B-movie cool
  • MM 003: The Roxy MuzakFull Mix1:54
    1980's synth pop with hooks galore. Think the Material Girl
  • HPM4173: Brass TwoMain1:50
    Lively brass funk for retro reality television and cool lifestyle advertisements.
  • HPM4173: Funky DanceMain1:22
    Groovy fast guitar funk party track, inspiring dancing, 70s reflections and summer vacation fun.
  • JW2253: Summer JamMain2:00
  • JW2285: TonightMain2:04
    Bright, hopeful hip-hop beats with vocal samples.
  • HPM4173: Jang AlangMain1:06
    Upbeat quirky funk and soul evoking sixties parties, fashion and lifestyle.
  • JW2289: Happy HourFull2:33
    Bright, anthmemic, toe-tapping indie folk with vocal heys.
  • HPM4199: Good VibesMain2:27
    Upbeat happy modern orchestral, evoking pastoral landscapes, natural beauty and good times.
  • HPM4207: Bramble PickingMain1:21
    Lively and januty fun carefree folk groove, with catchy foot tapping tempo, for pastoral settings including farms and vacations.
  • HPM4221: New Day DawningMain1:02
    Upbeat acoustic guitar strum, evoking summer adventures, pastoral outdoor scenes and US travel.
  • HPM4242: Knock OutMain1:45
    Energetic punchy modern pop disco funk groove hook, for dynamic fashion and lifestyle adverts.
  • HPM4242: Go OverMain1:45
    Bright and enthusiastic urban pop groove with hooky vocal chop, mid tempo vibe for summer fun, beach club chilling, and youth culture.
  • LUV096: Sunrise StrutFull2:35
    Funky retro swing track with catchy horn lines
  • LUV096: Soul ItalianoFull2:12
    Bongos, driving drums, and a funky guitar under big horn section
  • LUV096: Six The Hard WayFull2:47
    Double time drum groove under a catchy horn line. This track moves
  • LUV101: Nordstrom RackFull1:42
    Medium tempo guitars and bold bass strut confidently like you will when you wear these pumps into work tomorrow.
  • LUV101: LUSHFull1:43
    Driving guitars and synths playfully interact with programmed beats and big claps. Almost as playful as this awesome lip gloss you just bought on a whim.
  • LUV104: Eroticon VIFull2:45
    Jangly broken guitars with peppy perky poppy plucky synths.
  • LUV013: Dance Like Nobody's WatchingMain2:46
    Chirpy feel good pianos with a London backbeat, strummy guitar, and inviting background vocal ahhs.
  • LUV063: Black Book LookFull2:08
    Funk guitars mixed with synths and a driving groove
  • LUV063: Bad Girls BibleFull2:05
    Funky synth and syncopated drums build into an anthemic chorus
  • LUV101: Baby GapFull1:45
    In-your-face synths, big hectic beats, and earworm vocals remind you that shopping with the kids is a f&*king nightmare.




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