Stay Positive!
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Stay Positive!

Here are songs that help us to get through this situation with a smile on our face. Let the positive energy in to your home.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-10
Track count: 53
Total playing time: 1:52:24

  • LUV053: Dad is Having FunFull2:17
    Happy little ditty that will make you wiggle your toes in the sand.
  • JW2289: Bright SmilesFull1:33
    A fun, percussive, indie folk track with melodic vocal oohs.
  • JW2253: Manhattan GirlMain2:01
  • AAM537: SwinginFull Mix1:38
    funky 1960s London retro groovy lighthearted fun pop in the style of Austin Powers soundtrack, Quincy Jones soul bossa nova style, Esquival style stops and starts, mid tempo, moderate, fast, uptempo, quick, rapid, swift, lively, speedy
  • EM5316: Just Take It EasyMain2:48
    Jazz soul song with sensual female lead voice, mellow choir and groovy rhythmic.
  • JW2284: Jawbone Big BeatsFull2:34
    A funky breakbeat track that remixes samples of Jawbone from JW-2099.
  • JW2284: Happy LandFull2:30
    Quirky, slow hip hop beats that remix samples of Happy Links from JW Vault album JWV-0117.
  • LUV073: LSD SoundsystemFull2:35
    Needling guitar line lays over a driving dance-rock anthem.
  • JW2289: Get Some EnergyFull2:01
    A bright, celebratory indie pop track packed full of hope.
  • JW2282: Building The BarnMain2:11
    Beautiful fingerpicked guitar melodies with light, emotive strings and kick-drum beat.
  • EM5316: Looking For A Real LoveMain3:19
    Confident soul song with 1990 dance synth, jazzy female lead voice and funky guitar.
  • JW2262: Happy DaysMain1:53
  • LUV082: Dream Theme From TaxiFull2:11
    Laid back 70's keyboard riffs build into Modern, Party, Club, Urban, Hip, Sports, High Energy, Fashion, Celebrity, Glamour, Luxury, Adventure, Punchy, Dynamic, Energetic, Driving, Powerful synth chorus
  • HR2334: Cidade De OuroMain2:40
    Advertising,Beach,Branding,Brazil,Cheerful,City,Closing music,Cruise,Dance-like,Documentation,Free time,happy,Hobby,Holidays,House,Opener,Party,Prelude,Reportage,Samba,South,America,Southern atmosphere,Summer,Travelling,Trip,urban,Vocal(s),Vocalise
  • HR2334: MarapendiMain3:10
    Advertising,Beach,Branding,Brazil,Cheerful,City,Cruise,Dance-like,Documentation,Fender,Rhodes,Flugelhorn,Free time,happy,Hobby,Holidays,Party,Reportage,Samba,South,America,Southern atmosphere,Summer,Travelling,Trip,urban,Vocalise
  • HR2334: Red Moon SkyMain3:38
    Advertising,Beach,Branding,Brazil,Cheerful,City,Club,Cruise,Disco,Documentation,Flowing,Free time,Funky,Guitar (electric),happy,Hobby,Holidays,Latin,Party,Reportage,Samba,South,America,Southern atmosphere,Summer,Traffic,Travelling,Trip,Trumpet,urban,Vocalise
  • JW2267: Shake On DownMain1:41
    Bright, busy electro swing with scat vocal samples.
  • LUV090: Tightrope DanceFull2:51
    Fast-paced jazz number featuring a smoking hot accordion solo.
  • LUV090: Gypsy BluesFull2:10
    Determined violin line over swinging bass line and jazz drum brushes.
  • AAM554: Life Worth LivingFull Mix2:37
    Light upbeat positive pop with filtered vocals, in the style of Major Lazer, Justin Bieber, Lauv
  • JW2262: Sway ItMain1:41
  • HPM4127: Delta JamMain1:32
    Retro eighties funk track with strong beats and a happy mood, for upbeat entertainment and branding.
  • LUV093: Live Til You DieFull2:02
    Exciting horns jump start a swinging jazz number.
  • HPM4132: Bump N GoMain0:54
    Light and jolly ukulele folk tune for summertime happiness, new beginnings, the great outdoors, adventure and seaside holidays.
  • JW2284: Raunchy StereoFull2:22
    A super funky track that remixes samples of original 70s funk track Raunchy from JW album JW-2081.
  • MM 004: Olvera MorningFull Mix2:23
    Uplifting modern pop track with piano riff. Think 'Here Comes The Sun-shine'
  • HPM4149: Hot MachineMain1:57
    Happy and fresh 1970s disco track for dancing, carefree fun and LA driving, chorus at 0.49 and 1.38.
  • HPM4163: ChampionsMain1:35
    Strong electro pop track evoking sports energy, youth challenges and beach parties.
  • HPM4163: Tropic LoverMain1:53
    Ibiza beach party energy inspiring dance and summer memories.
  • MM 003: El CompadreFull Mix1:44
    Latin surf track with horns. Think B-movie cool
  • MM 003: The Roxy MuzakFull Mix1:54
    1980's synth pop with hooks galore. Think the Material Girl
  • HPM4173: Brass TwoMain1:50
    Lively brass funk for retro reality television and cool lifestyle advertisements.
  • HPM4173: Funky DanceMain1:22
    Groovy fast guitar funk party track, inspiring dancing, 70s reflections and summer vacation fun.
  • JW2253: Summer JamMain2:00
  • JW2285: TonightMain2:04
    Bright, hopeful hip-hop beats with vocal samples.
  • HPM4173: Jang AlangMain1:06
    Upbeat quirky funk and soul evoking sixties parties, fashion and lifestyle.
  • JW2289: Happy HourFull2:33
    Bright, anthmemic, toe-tapping indie folk with vocal heys.
  • HPM4199: Good VibesMain2:27
    Upbeat happy modern orchestral, evoking pastoral landscapes, natural beauty and good times.
  • HPM4207: Bramble PickingMain1:21
    Lively and januty fun carefree folk groove, with catchy foot tapping tempo, for pastoral settings including farms and vacations.
  • HPM4221: New Day DawningMain1:02
    Upbeat acoustic guitar strum, evoking summer adventures, pastoral outdoor scenes and US travel.
  • HPM4242: Knock OutMain1:45
    Energetic punchy modern pop disco funk groove hook, for dynamic fashion and lifestyle adverts.
  • HPM4242: Go OverMain1:45
    Bright and enthusiastic urban pop groove with hooky vocal chop, mid tempo vibe for summer fun, beach club chilling, and youth culture.
  • LUV096: Sunrise StrutFull2:35
    Funky retro swing track with catchy horn lines
  • LUV096: Soul ItalianoFull2:12
    Bongos, driving drums, and a funky guitar under big horn section
  • LUV096: Six The Hard WayFull2:47
    Double time drum groove under a catchy horn line. This track moves
  • LUV101: Nordstrom RackFull1:42
    Medium tempo guitars and bold bass strut confidently like you will when you wear these pumps into work tomorrow.
  • LUV101: LUSHFull1:43
    Driving guitars and synths playfully interact with programmed beats and big claps. Almost as playful as this awesome lip gloss you just bought on a whim.
  • LUV104: Eroticon VIFull2:45
    Jangly broken guitars with peppy perky poppy plucky synths.
  • LUV013: Dance Like Nobody's WatchingMain2:46
    Chirpy feel good pianos with a London backbeat, strummy guitar, and inviting background vocal ahhs.
  • LUV063: Black Book LookFull2:08
    Funk guitars mixed with synths and a driving groove
  • LUV063: Bad Girls BibleFull2:05
    Funky synth and syncopated drums build into an anthemic chorus
  • AAM557: Set You FreeFull Mix2:26
    Motivational and inspiring electronic pop with echoed synths and guitar
  • LUV101: Baby GapFull1:45
    In-your-face synths, big hectic beats, and earworm vocals remind you that shopping with the kids is a f&*king nightmare.




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