Top 10 Temp Love
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Top 10 Temp Love

The Top 10 tracks from our American partner Label Temp Love.


Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2018-10-04
Track count: 10
Total playing time: 25:34

  • LUV080: Mulholland CircleFull3:36
    Sparse pops and bells give way to a hip kick-back and chill vibe.
  • LUV101: LUSHFull1:43
    Driving guitars and synths playfully interact with programmed beats and big claps. Almost as playful as this awesome lip gloss you just bought on a whim.
  • LUV115: Whiteboard MeetingFULL2:05
    Friendly, upbeat strings with peppy rhythm section is a perfect score for explaining your convoluted business model.
  • LUV116: Welcome Back to My ChannelFULL2:12
    Bouncy, fun track perfect some serious Mac and Bumble demos.
  • LUV102: Cardan GrilleFull2:10
    Odd but pensive celesta line creates a fairy tale atmosphere along with pizzicato strings and chamber orchestra.
  • LUV053: Happy at HomeFull2:38
    Smoothness prevails over the seas in this perfect sailing track.
  • LUV068: Special MomentsFull3:03
    Intriguing dancing string lines builds to a grand resolution
  • LUV117: Keep The Lights OnFULL2:48
    Plucky synths over a driving drum beat with guitar flourishes.
  • LUV095: Influencer InfluenzaFull3:06
    Huge drums, big vocals, and pop rhythm guitars lay a positive background to getting the perfect picture for your Instagram feed. After 24 tries.
  • LUV038: Metallic IntrospectionFull2:13
    Restful piano plays over a symphony of universal washes.




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