Top 10 Mining Music
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Top 10 Mining Music

The Top 10 tracks from our British partner label MIning Music.


Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2018-10-04
Track count: 10
Total playing time: 18:56

  • MM 001: Better JobsFull Mix2:12
    Acoustic picking with big band folk track. Think swaying drunken choir
  • MM 002: Lies In TruthFull Mix2:15
    Driving modern guitar rock track with electric piano. Think open highway
  • MM 004: Annie Other DayFull Mix1:41
    Uptempo pop synth-led track with retro feel. Think Fleetwood Mac reborn
  • MM 003: Millionaire's RowFull Mix1:56
    Bass led nu-soul track with trumpet riff. Think Bee Gees meets Rocky
  • MM 001: Canyon StoreFull Mix1:45
    Uptempo acoustic and piano duet. Think roof down driving in the hills
  • MM 003: Chill WithersFull Mix1:51
    Up-tempo 70's soul track. Think 'cop show' cool
  • MM 002: StrutFull Mix1:37
    Big guitar riff rock track. Think Hendrix meets Jet
  • MM 001: Horseshoe CanyonFull Mix1:45
    Warm studio band-led piano track. Think breezy Summer days
  • MM 004: TherapyFull Mix1:53
    Deep piano groove with big drums and strings. Think Olympics montage
  • MM 003: Safe & SoundFull Mix2:01
    1980's pop soul track. Think Thriller-era MJ




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