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Dedicated to the topic of tension and suspense. Dynamic music for the special thrill!

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-11
Track count: 13
Total playing time: 26:23

  • AAM553: Secrets Of The AgesNo Choir1:33
    High intensity orchestral action adventure cue that builds to a big climax
  • AAM553: Dark PowersNo Drums1:47
    Dark intense orchestral dystopian action with pulsing bass and a rock beat
  • HR2337: Martial ArtsMain2:08
    Action, Advertising, Animated, Biblical, Branding, Chase, Chemistry, City, Culture, Documentation, Drama, Dramatic, Dusk and dawn, Eerie, Evening mood, Experiment, History, Holidays, Hunt, Industry, Laboratory, Opener, Prelude, Reportage, Research, Scientific, World, Suspense, Technology, Threatening, Thriller, Travelling, urban
  • HR2337: MetropolisMain1:57
    Action, Advertising, Animated, Biblical, Branding, City, Closing music, Documentation, Drama, Dramatic, Dusk and dawn, Evening mood, Experiment, Film Score, Galaxy, Hunt, Industry, Laboratory, Laser, Medicine, Monument, Mountain landscape, Opener, Physics, Port, Prelude, Presentation, Reportage, Research, Science Fiction, Scientific World, Serious, Soundtrack, Space, Space, Sphere, Suspense, Traffic, urban
  • EM5273: Acoustic ScenesMain1:50
    Confident cello marcato with strings playing with pride. Serious and determined theme like if the process has been put in motion. Some kind of suspense.
  • HR2328: DropoutMain2:26
    Chase, Chemistry, Danger, Documentation, Ecological damage, Electronics, Experiment, Industry, Laboratory, Medicine, Physics, Reportage, Research, Robot, Rotation, Scientific World, Serious, Suspense, Synthesizer, Technology, Threatening, Thriller
  • HR2319: Sybillic Soundswithout Drums2:26
    animated, Culture, Documentation, eerie, Expanse, Experiment, Film Score, Fog, Horror, Landscape, lonely, Medicine, mysterious, Nature, Occultism, Piano, Psycho, Reportage, Research, Soundtrack, Suspense, Temple, Thriller, Underwater
  • JW2278: Hitty GrittyMain1:56
    A driving track with bold percussion and determined techno beats.
  • HR2339: Mad HunterMain3:50
    Ballet, Castles, Chase, Coach ride, Danger, Documentation, Drama, Expanse, Fairy tale, Fjord, Flying, History, Hunt, Impression, Landscape, Middle Ages, Mountain landscape, Nature, Palaces, Panorama, Reportage, Rivers, Rural, Sailing, Sea/Sea voyage, Soundtrack, Suspense, Trip, Western, Film Score, Brass instrumentalists, Harp, Horn, Orchestra, Strings, Woodwinds, Animated, Contemplative, Dignified, Dramatic, Dreamy, Eerie, Emotional, Heroic, Majestic, Mysterious, Mysterious, Spirited, Threatening
  • AAM536: Dark MissionsNo Melody1:17
    dark and heavy orchestral tension and suspense cue, builds to climax end, mid tempo, moderate, even, medium
  • AAM536: Invisible HandMusic Bed1:54
    dark and mysterious Trent Reznor type electronic track with a driving pulse, light music bed mix, fast, uptempo, quick, rapid, swift, lively, speedy
  • AAM536: Bad IntuitionFull Mix1:27
    mysterious pulsing groove drives electronic investigative reporting cue, in the style of CSI, Criminal Minds, mid tempo, moderate, even, medium
  • AAM536: Kill The LightsNo Melody1:52
    dark cinematic and echoed pulse drives a Trent Reznor type dramatic tension cue, Tron, suspense, builds in suspense, mid tempo, moderate, even, medium




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