Top 10 Music Shop Zen
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Top 10 Music Shop Zen

The Top 10 tracks from our French partner label Music Shop Zen.



Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2018-10-04
Track count: 10
Total playing time: 30:58

  • ZEN006: Santa MonicaMain2:59
    Steely Dan's way / Melodic electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums & bass / Theme @ 0:47
  • ZEN002: CasamanceMain3:04
    African electro-pop / Senegalese female vocals / Gtr., Perc. with dub arragements
  • ZEN003: Pure MeditationMain2:29
    Continuous Indian solo
  • ZEN002: KerekeriakeMain3:07
    African children choirs with synths texture & strings / Harmonic African perc. solo @ 1:38
  • ZEN003: Spring In ChinaMain2:18
    Traditional Chinese melody with guzheng, erhu @ dizi
  • ZEN010: ZephyrMain2:52
    Pan flute theme with reverb, synths, electro FX / Drums @ 0:34 / Inspiring
  • ZEN009: Traveller Of The SeasMain3:24
    Electro Fx & piano theme with delay / Drum & bass @ 0:32
  • ZEN011: ChampagneMain3:27
    Synths & electronic drums / Piano theme @ 1:27 / Break @ 1:49
  • ZEN001: Thinking Of EltonMain3:36
    Electro down tempo / Synths & piano / Warm atmosphere
  • ZEN012: Reality Or Not RealityMain3:42
    Synths, female voice in a vocoder saying Reality or not reality, drums & electro beats




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