Top 10 Encore Merci
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Top 10 Encore Merci

The Top 10 tracks from our French partner label Encore Merci.



Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2018-10-04
Track count: 10
Total playing time: 25:23

  • EM5246: Molecular RushMain2:38
    Repetitive & progressive strings theme with perc. & drums. Horn @ 1:09
  • EM5231: Blues ManMain3:46
    Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Male Vocals / Electric Guitar
  • EM5306: Hopeful TimeMain2:05
    Hopeful repetitive piano theme with aerial and slow rising strings pads. Dreamy and positive.
  • EM5267: Just My WayMain2:22
    Atmosphere with electro percussions and orchestral sequences
  • EM5308: Security ThreatMain2:34
    Mysterious and suspenseful investigation underscore mood with piano theme with electronic impacts and synth arps.
  • EM5267: Web Side StoryMain2:20
    Atmosphere with different electro sounds and strings
  • EM5247: Padrino MioMain2:20
    Accordion with perc. intro / continuous modulated accordion theme from 0:14
  • EM5310: Light of DawnMain1:59
    3-parts acoustic motivational nordic pop rock, starting gentle and ending wild.
  • EM5248: Electro LiftMain3:02
    Continuous Stratocaster playing with synths sequences / rhythmics @ 0:46 / piano theme @ 1:04 / possible ending @ 1:54 / MOBY's way
  • EM5267: Memory CardMain2:17
    Continuous piano theme and light percussions




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