Top 10 Ours Music
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Top 10 Ours Music

The Top 10 tracks from our French partner label Ours Music.



Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2018-10-03
Track count: 10
Total playing time: 23:35

  • OML036: Newsletter ApplicationMain1:15
    mid tempo, energetic, lively, intrigue, affair, news, magazine, politics, corporate, promo
  • OML029: InvestigationMain1:30
    mid tempo, intrigue, reflective, cautious, questioning, filmic, affair, news, magazine, politics
  • OML045: LibraeMain2:55
    mid tempo, dreamy, panoramic, ethnic, electro percs and strings
  • OML035: Old School BassMain2:12
    mid tempo, funk, 70s, lively, old school bass, hammond organ, wah guitar
  • OML006: Melanger 2Main1:00
    120 BPM, rythms of kitchen utensils, sound FX of mixing, acoustic bass, cooking
  • OML044: Pure SynthsMain1:59
    mid tempo, analog, synths, 80's, disco, happy, funny, energetic, video game
  • OML026: La Maison AbandonneeMain5:24
    mid tempo, carefree, peaceful, happy, acoustic, guitar, accordion, smooth
  • OML035: Bastille FeverMain2:51
    mid tempo, happy, cheerful, uplifting, funk, 60s old school bass
  • OML044: Foggy ForestMain2:15
    mid tempo, analog, synths, 80's, uplifting, atmospheric, lively
  • OML017: Back HomeMain2:14
    no tempo, piano, oboe, cheerful, positive, friendly, love, nostalgic, sentimental




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