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When it's cold and uncomfortable outside and you make yourself comfortable with a tea in front of the fireplace: music for the cold season, a walk through the snow and contemplative moments.

Playlist by: Ring Musik
Created on: 2020-02-06
Track count: 14
Total playing time: 32:59

  • EM5288: Night ViewMain1:58
    Pure jazzy acoustic piano bar mood. Very smooth underscore.
  • EM5299: Night FantasyMain1:45
    Delicate acoustic motifs gradually building from a humble atmosphere to an emotional climax.
  • EM5305: Peaceful Piano PieceMain1:39
    Hyper romantic piano solo piece. Satie inspired.
  • EM5305: Emotional Piano StoriesMain2:43
    Neo-classical contemporary piece of piano solo. Intimate and slightly mysterious.
  • EM5306: Hopeful TimeMain2:05
    Hopeful repetitive piano theme with aerial and slow rising strings pads. Dreamy and positive.
  • EM5310: Light of DawnMain1:59
    3-parts acoustic motivational nordic pop rock, starting gentle and ending wild.
  • EM5310: Imaginary TripMain2:14
    Dreamy and peaceful ballad with felt piano and delicate acoustic guitars pulses. Luxury score.
  • EM5310: Pretty PearlMain2:02
    Long rising motivational nordic pop, starting delicate and gentle and ending wide and lively.
  • HR2309: Winter SunMain3:22
    Advertising, Animated, Branding, Calm, City, Emotional, Film Score, Flying, France, Lounge, Melancholy, Mourning, Mysterious, Panorama, Rain, Romantic, Sad, Sailing, Soundtrack, Trip, Winter
  • HR2309: Sparkling NatureMain2:56
    Advertising, Animated, Art, Ballad, Beach, Branding, Calm, Cello, Chamber music, Church, Contemplative, Dreamy, Elegiac, Emotional, Film Score, Flowers, Flowing, Forest, Fountains, Heath, Impression, Landscape, Lonely, Melancholy, Museum, Nature, Oasis, Palaces, Park, Piano, Piano, Rain, Rivers, Soundtrack, Stroll, Sunrise and sunset
  • HR2325: AdventfeelingMain2:14
    Advent, Advertising, Branding, Christmas, Church, Clarinet, cozy, Culture, Dobro, Documentation, emotional, Free time, Germany, Hobby, nostalgic, Nostalgia, Pop, Reportage, Winter
  • JW2250: Delicately PutMain3:04
  • JW2256: Snowdrops FallingMain2:01
  • ZEN011: Christmas MorningMain2:57
    Rhythmic synths & perc. / Gtr @ 0:08 / Drums & theme @ 0:40 / Harp @ 1:04 in duet with the gtr




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