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Stories XSR030

Anthology album of Eclectic, atmospheric cinematic stories, in the style of BBCs Inside no9 and The Twighlight Zone. Multiple genres

Xtra Syncs XSR030

  • 001Dead Man On The G TrainMain4:28
  • 002Hedy LamarrMain4:50
  • 003Home For Wayward DollsMain3:17
  • 004The Mermaid And The SailorMain3:21
  • 005Wendigo RagMain3:01
  • 006The Kissing RoomMain4:33
  • 007The GentlemenMain3:26
  • 008Tango With Your FearMain2:51
  • 009Feeding Time For MonstersMain3:59
  • 010For The Living, For The LostMain3:04
  • 011Blue LightsMain6:04
  • 012Hedy Lamarr [Instrumental Mix]Instrumental Mix4:52
  • 013Home For Wayward Dolls [Instrumental Mix]Instrumental Mix3:18
  • 014The Mermaid And The Sailor [Instrumental Mix]Instrumental Mix3:23
  • 015Wendigo Rag [Instrumental Mix]Instrumental Mix3:02
  • 016The Kissing Room [Instrumental Mix]Instrumental Mix4:36
  • 017Tango With Your Fear [Instrumental Mix]Instrumental Mix2:57
  • 018For The Living, For The Lost [Instrumental Mix]Instrumental Mix3:22
  • 019Dead Man On The G Train [90s Mix]90s Mix1:30
  • 020Hedy Lamarr [90s Mix]90s Mix1:30
  • 021Home For Wayward Dolls [90s Mix]90s Mix1:30
  • 022The Mermaid And The Sailor [90s Mix]90s Mix1:30
  • 023Wendigo Rag [90s Mix]90s Mix1:30
  • 024The Kissing Room [90s Mix]90s Mix1:30
  • 025The Gentlemen [90s Mix]90s Mix1:30
  • 026Tango With Your Fear [90s Mix]90s Mix1:30
  • 027Feeding Time For Monsters [90s Mix]90s Mix1:30
  • 028For The Living, For The Lost [90s Mix]90s Mix1:30
  • 029Blue Lights [90s Mix]90s Mix1:30
  • 030Dead Man On The G Train [60s Mix]60s Mix1:00
  • 031Hedy Lamarr [60s Mix]60s Mix1:00
  • 032Home For Wayward Dolls [60s Mix]60s Mix1:00
  • 033The Mermaid And The Sailor [60s Mix]60s Mix1:00
  • 034Wendigo Rag [60s Mix]60s Mix1:00
  • 035The Kissing Room [60s Mix]60s Mix1:00
  • 036The Gentlemen [60s Mix]60s Mix1:00
  • 037Tango With Your Fear [60s Mix]60s Mix1:00
  • 038Feeding Time For Monsters [60s Mix]60s Mix1:00
  • 039For The Living, For The Lost [60s Mix]60s Mix1:00
  • 040Blue Lights [60s Mix]60s Mix1:00
  • 041Dead Man On The G Train [5s Sting]5s Sting0:05
  • 042Hedy Lamarr [5s Sting]5s Sting0:05
  • 043Home For Wayward Dolls [5s Sting]5s Sting0:05
  • 044The Mermaid And The Sailor [5s Sting]5s Sting0:05
  • 045Wendigo Rag [5s Sting]5s Sting0:05
  • 046The Kissing Room [5s Sting]5s Sting0:05
  • 047The Gentlemen [5s Sting]5s Sting0:05
  • 048Tango With Your Fear [5s Sting]5s Sting0:05
  • 049Feeding Time For Monsters [5s Sting]5s Sting0:05
  • 050For The Living, For The Lost [5s Sting]5s Sting0:05
  • 051Blue Lights [5s Sting]5s Sting0:05
  • 052Dead Man On The G Train [3s Sting]3s Sting0:03
  • 053Hedy Lamarr [3s Sting]3s Sting0:03
  • 054Home For Wayward Dolls [3s Sting]3s Sting0:03
  • 055The Mermaid And The Sailor [3s Sting]3s Sting0:03
  • 056Wendigo Rag [3s Sting]3s Sting0:03
  • 057The Kissing Room [3s Sting]3s Sting0:03
  • 058The Gentlemen [3s Sting]3s Sting0:03
  • 059Tango With Your Fear [3s Sting]3s Sting0:03
  • 060Feeding Time For Monsters [3s Sting]3s Sting0:03
  • 061For The Living, For The Lost [3s Sting]3s Sting0:03
  • 062Blue Lights [3s Sting]3s Sting0:03
  • 063Hedy Lamarr [Instrumental 90s Mix]Instrumental 90s Mix1:30
  • 064Home For Wayward Dolls [Instrumental 90s Mix]Instrumental 90s Mix1:30
  • 065The Mermaid And The Sailor [Instrumental 90s Mix]Instrumental 90s Mix1:30
  • 066Wendigo Rag [Instrumental 90s Mix]Instrumental 90s Mix1:30
  • 067The Kissing Room [Instrumental 90s Mix]Instrumental 90s Mix1:30
  • 068Tango With Your Fear [Instrumental 90s Mix]Instrumental 90s Mix1:30
  • 069For The Living, For The Lost [Instrumental 90s Mix]Instrumental 90s Mix1:30
  • 070Blue Lights [Instrumental 90s Mix]Instrumental 90s Mix1:30
  • 071Hedy Lamarr [Instrumental 60s Mix]Instrumental 60s Mix1:00
  • 072Home For Wayward Dolls [Instrumental 60s Mix]Instrumental 60s Mix1:00
  • 073The Mermaid And The Sailor [Instrumental 60s Mix]Instrumental 60s Mix1:00
  • 074Wendigo Rag [Instrumental 60s Mix]Instrumental 60s Mix1:00
  • 075The Kissing Room [Instrumental 60s Mix]Instrumental 60s Mix1:00
  • 076Tango With Your Fear [Instrumental 60s Mix]Instrumental 60s Mix1:00
  • 077For The Living, For The Lost [Instrumental 60s Mix]Instrumental 60s Mix1:00
  • 078Blue Lights [Instrumental Mix 60s]Instrumental 60s Mix1:00
  • 079Hedy Lamarr [Instrumental 15s Mix]Instrumental 15s Mix0:15
  • 080Home For Wayward Dolls [Instrumental 15s Mix]Instrumental 15s Mix0:15
  • 081The Mermaid And The Sailor [Instrumental 15s Mix]Instrumental 15s Mix0:15
  • 082Wendigo Rag [Instrumental 15s Mix]Instrumental 15s Mix0:15
  • 083The Kissing Room [Instrumental 15s Mix]Instrumental 15s Mix0:15
  • 084Tango With Your Fear [Instrumental 15s Mix]Instrumental 15s Mix0:15
  • 085Feeding Time For Monsters [Instrumental 15s Mix]Instrumental 15s Mix0:15
  • 086For The Living, For The Lost [Instrumental 15s Mix]Instrumental 15s Mix0:15
  • 087Blue Lights [15s Instrumental Mix]Instrumental 15s Mix0:15




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