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Rage XSR024

Political, punk rock, indie

Xtra Syncs XSR024

  • 001Can We Talk About ThisMain3:36
  • 002Now You're Gonna ListenMain2:42
  • 003The Party of ShaitaanMain3:25
  • 004I Want My Life BackMain3:53
  • 005Are We Sexy EnoughMain3:40
  • 006From Fear to FuryMain2:16
  • 007Dream for ChangeMain4:44
  • 008Out of my SystemMain1:46
  • 009Time to MournMain2:46
  • 010Get NowhereMain2:53
  • 011PhilistinesMain2:48
  • 012Kill UsMain3:39
  • 013Can We Talk About ThisFast Thrash0:13
  • 014Can We Talk About This90s Mix1:30
  • 015Can We Talk About ThisOutro Mix0:45
  • 016Can We Talk About ThisTimpan Mix0:10
  • 017Can We Talk About This90s Vocal Mix1:31
  • 018Can We Talk About ThisTribal Claves Mix0:20
  • 019Can We Talk About ThisInstrumental Mix3:34
  • 020The Party of ShaitaanDreamy Mix0:20
  • 021The Party of ShaitaanInstrumental Intro Mix0:18
  • 022The Party of ShaitaanChorus Vocal Mix0:30
  • 023The Party of Shaitaan14s Sting0:14
  • 024I Want My Life BackInstrumental 13s Sting0:13
  • 025I Want My Life BackChorus Vocal Mix0:38
  • 026I Want My Life BackInstrumental Intro MIx0:57
  • 027Are We Sexy EnoughIntro Mix0:21
  • 028Are We Sexy EnoughOutro Mix0:49
  • 029Are We Sexy EnoughOutro Build0:21
  • 030Are We Sexy EnoughAngry Vocal Sting0:04
  • 031From Fear to Furyintro Mix0:32
  • 032From Fear to FuryOutro Mix1:08
  • 033From Fear to FuryBirds Outro0:27
  • 034Dream for ChangeInstrumental Intro Mix0:20
  • 035Dream for ChangeVocal Chorus Mix0:42
  • 036Dream for ChangeGrunge Piano Outro0:53
  • 037Out of my SystemIntro Mix0:11
  • 038Time to Mournintro Mix0:23
  • 039Time to MournChorus Outro1:04
  • 040Get Nowhereintro Mix0:14
  • 041Get NowhereHardcore Outro1:00
  • 042PhilistinesIntro Mix0:54
  • 043PhilistinesOutro Mix0:38
  • 044Kill UsOutro Mix0:47
  • 045Kill UsIntro Mix0:31
  • 046Kill UsBongo Mix0:36
  • 047Kill UsVocal Mix2:05
  • 048Kill UsTheremin Mix0:41
  • 049Kill UsGuitar Wail Mix0:17
  • 050Kill UsReduced Mix2:05
  • 051Kill UsInstrumental Mix3:40




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