Soul Highway

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Soul Highway XSR023

gospel meets rock and roll

Xtra Syncs XSR023

  • 001To Another WorldMain3:39
  • 002Rivers RunMain3:45
  • 003CarolinaMain3:10
  • 004Born In the TrafficMain4:04
  • 005To Another World30s Mix0:34
  • 006To Another World45s Mix0:49
  • 007To Another World60s Mix1:04
  • 008To Another World90s Backing Vocal Mix1:36
  • 009To Another WorldInstrumental Mix 15s0:18
  • 010To Another WorldInstrumental Sting 8s0:09
  • 011To Another WorldInstrumental Sting 5s0:07
  • 012To Another World90s Mix1:36
  • 013To Another WorldInstrumental Mix3:39
  • 014To Another WorldInstrumental Mix 45s0:49
  • 015To Another WorldInstrumental Mix 60s1:04
  • 016To Another WorldInstrumental Mix 90s1:36
  • 017To Another WorldInstrumental Mix 30s0:34
  • 018To Another WorldBacking Vocal Mix 15s0:18
  • 019Rivers RunHigh End Mix3:45
  • 020Rivers RunMix 30s0:33
  • 021Rivers RunMix 60s1:03
  • 022Rivers RunMix 90s1:36
  • 023Rivers RunMix 15s0:17
  • 024Rivers RunSting0:06
  • 025CarolinaBacking Vocal Mix 60s1:02
  • 026CarolinaMix 30s0:34
  • 027CarolinaVocal Mix0:18
  • 028CarolinaLow End Mix3:10
  • 029CarolinaInstrumental Sting0:14
  • 030CarolinaInstrumental Mix 60s1:02
  • 031CarolinaInstrumental Mix 15s0:18
  • 032CarolinaInstrumental Mix0:34
  • 033CarolinaMix 60s1:02
  • 034CarolinaInstrumental Mix 90s1:30
  • 035CarolinaMix 90s1:30
  • 036CarolinaInstrumental Mix3:10
  • 037Born In the TrafficMix 30s0:36
  • 038Born In the TrafficMix 15s0:13
  • 039Born In the TrafficMix 60s1:05
  • 040Born In the TrafficInstrumental Sting0:09
  • 041Born In the TrafficInstrumental Mix 90s1:35
  • 042Born In the TrafficInstrumental Mix4:08
  • 043Born In the TrafficInstrumental Mix 30s0:36
  • 044Born In the TrafficInstrumental Mix 60s1:05
  • 045Born In the TrafficInstrumental Mix 15s0:13
  • 046Born In the TrafficMix 90s1:35




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