Soulful Hip Hop

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Soulful Hip Hop XSR022

Deep grooves and soulful voices

Xtra Syncs XSR022

  • 001WavyMain1:39
  • 002SpaceyMain2:03
  • 003GrubbyMain2:19
  • 004So SweetMain2:53
  • 005Old School Boom BapMain2:03
  • 006Kays MelodyMain2:29
  • 007Life Out HereMain4:45
  • 008Lonely WalksMain2:50
  • 009Cool MixMain4:17
  • 010What You ThinkingMain2:32
  • 011Running In FirstMain2:44
  • 012Bouncey KeysMain2:00
  • 013Dilla TypeMain3:02
  • 014Guy Right NowMain2:01
  • 015Groove MixMain1:57




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