Nathan Coen

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Nathan Coen XSR021

Classical, film, score, trailer, underscore, tv, emotional, dramatic, orchestra

Xtra Syncs XSR021

  • 001ConvictionMain2:41
  • 002TobyMain1:49
  • 003LakeMain0:52
  • 004DafnaMain2:14
  • 005CanalMain1:24
  • 006Conviction60s Mix1:00
  • 007ConvictionUnderscore Mix2:41
  • 008ConvictionSting B 21s0:21
  • 009ConvictionSting A 21s0:21
  • 010ConvictionSting A 22s0:22
  • 011TobySting 19s0:19
  • 012TobySting 8s0:08
  • 013TobyMix 30s0:30
  • 014TobyMix 60s1:00
  • 015LakeLake Sting 14s0:14
  • 016LakeLake Mix 30s0:30
  • 017DafnaMix 30s0:30
  • 018DafnaSting 8s0:08
  • 019DafnaSting 14s0:14
  • 020DafnaMix 60s1:00
  • 021CanalMix 30s0:30
  • 022CanalMix 60s1:00
  • 023CanalMix A 15s0:15
  • 024CanalMix B 15s0:15




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