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Songs & Moods XSR015

Intimate, acoustic, beautiful

Xtra Syncs XSR015

  • 001WorkMain3:28
  • 002Sunday SongMain4:00
  • 003RainMain4:19
  • 004OliviaMain4:44
  • 005Get AwayMain3:21
  • 006I'm HereMain3:59
  • 007Going HomeMain3:39
  • 008Lay With MeMain3:58
  • 009Big Bad WorldMain3:53
  • 010Troubled SoulMain3:33
  • 011Its All I AmMain4:41
  • 012You Told A LieMain4:32
  • 013Tell Me A StoryMain3:33
  • 014Come And See MeMain4:13
  • 015What Does It MatterMain4:04




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