Smash Hits

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Smash Hits XSR010

Indie, Americana, rock, sports, riffs

Xtra Syncs XSR010

  • 001Gut Check TImeMain3:51
  • 002You Can Do ItMain2:25
  • 003Burn The BoatsMain3:45
  • 004Only The BraveMain3:03
  • 005From The SunMain2:34
  • 006PhenomenalMain3:12
  • 007Nite DriveMain3:09
  • 008Beast ModeMain3:25
  • 009Mr MoonMain2:58
  • 010LuckyMain4:42
  • 011Gut Check TImeSting0:08
  • 012Gut Check TImeReduced Mix3:51
  • 013Gut Check TImeInstrumental Mix3:51
  • 014Gut Check TImeDrums and Bass Mix3:51
  • 015Gut Check TImeInstrumental Mix 60s0:52
  • 016Gut Check TImeInstrumental Mix 30s1:05
  • 017You Can Do ItSting0:09
  • 018You Can Do ItReduced Mix2:25
  • 019You Can Do ItInstrumental Mix2:25
  • 020You Can Do ItDrums and Bass Mix2:25
  • 021You Can Do ItInstrumental Mix 60s0:57
  • 022You Can Do ItInstrumental Mix 30s0:30
  • 023Burn The BoatsSting0:16
  • 024Burn The BoatsReduced Mix3:45
  • 025Burn The BoatsInstrumental Mix3:45
  • 026Burn The BoatsDrums and Bass Mix3:45
  • 027Burn The BoatsInstrumental Mix 60s0:55
  • 028Burn The BoatsInstrumental Mix 30s0:57
  • 029Only The BraveSting0:16
  • 030Only The BraveReduced Mix3:03
  • 031Only The BraveInstrumental Mix3:03
  • 032Only The BraveDrums and Bass Mix3:03
  • 033Only The BraveInstrumental Mix 60s0:56
  • 034Only The BraveInstrumental Mix 30s0:39
  • 035From The SunSting0:16
  • 036From The SunReduced Mix2:36
  • 037From The SunInstrumental Mix2:34
  • 038From The SunInstrumental Mix 60s1:13
  • 039From The SunInstrumental Mix 30s0:43
  • 040PhenomenalSting0:13
  • 041PhenomenalReduced Mix3:12
  • 042PhenomenalInstrumental Mix3:12
  • 043PhenomenalDrums and Bass Mix3:12
  • 044PhenomenalInstrumental Mix 60s1:15
  • 045PhenomenalInstrumental Mix 30s0:27
  • 046Nite DriveSting0:09
  • 047Nite DriveReduced Mix3:12
  • 048Nite DriveInstrumental Mix3:12
  • 049Nite DriveDrums and Bass Mix3:12
  • 050Nite DriveInstrumental Mix 60s0:57
  • 051Nite DriveInstrumental Mix 30s0:43
  • 052Beast ModeSting0:09
  • 053Beast ModeReduced Mix3:25
  • 054Beast ModeInstrumental Mix3:25
  • 055Beast ModeDrums and Bass Mix3:25
  • 056Beast ModeInstrumental Mix 60s1:01
  • 057Beast ModeInstrumental Mix 30s0:27
  • 058Mr MoonSting0:15
  • 059Mr MoonReduced Mix3:00
  • 060Mr MoonInstrumental Mix2:58
  • 061Mr MoonDrums and Bass Mix3:00
  • 062Mr MoonInstrumental Mix 60s1:11
  • 063Mr MoonInstrumental Mix 30s0:45
  • 064LuckySting0:14
  • 065LuckyReduced Mix4:42
  • 066LuckyInstrumental Mix4:42
  • 067LuckyDrums and Bass Mix4:42
  • 068LuckyInstrumental Mix 60s1:10
  • 069LuckyInstrumental Mix 30s0:55




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