Deep Grooves 2

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Deep Grooves 2 XSR009

Soul, funk, groove, Nashville, gospel, jam, authentic

Xtra Syncs XSR009

  • 001InsideMain1:50
  • 002Interlude TwoMain1:49
  • 003Make BelieveMain1:50
  • 004Why WorryMain1:50
  • 005Outro JamMain1:50
  • 0061&7Main1:50
  • 007InsideMix 30s0:32
  • 008InsideMix 15s0:15
  • 009Interlude TwoMix 30s0:40
  • 010Interlude TwoMix 15s0:15
  • 011Make BelieveMix 30s0:32
  • 012Make Believe[Insturmental Mix 15s0:16
  • 013Make Believe[Insturmental Mix 30s0:30
  • 014Make BelieveInsturmental Mix1:50
  • 015Make BelieveMix 15s0:15
  • 016Why WorryMix 15s0:16
  • 017Why WorryMix 30s0:32
  • 018Outro JamMix 15s0:15
  • 019Outro JamMix 30s0:32
  • 0201&7Mix 15s0:15
  • 0211&7Mix 30s0:32




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